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"Though he was so very rich, yet to help you he became so very poor, so that by being poor he could make you rich"! (II Cor. 8:9 TLB)

We have all heard the sermon on how poor Jesus was while on this earth — and compared to His home in heaven this is true. In heaven He walked on streets of gold; on earth He walked the dusty roads of Galilee to Jerusalem. Foot washing was not just a sign of humility; it was a practical need — a person’s feet just simply got dirty walking to his destination!

By the way, too much is made of Jesus’ poverty. He had all His needs met and was supporting twelve men and their families. Judas carried the purse which contained contributions from many of the (mostly) women followers:

"Joanna, Chuza’s wife (Chuza was King Herod’s business manager and was in charge of his palace and domestic affairs), Susanna, and many others who were contributing from their private means to the support of Jesus and his disciples” (Luke 8:3 TLB).

Jesus also had a house and a seamless robe, which was very valuable. But, as stated earlier, compared to heaven He was very poor.

So, some preach that since Jesus was poor in earthly material things, we too should be poor if we are to be like Jesus. However, the Scripture says that, “HE BECAME POOR THAT WE MIGHT BECOME RICH”! But, of course, the argument goes that the riches Jesus brought us are strictly spiritual. And, of course, spiritual riches are a part of what Jesus brought us. But, may I ask: Was Jesus poor spiritually while here on earth? Certainly not! The Word declares that He contained the Holy Spirit “without measure.” Jesus NEVER BECAME POOR SPIRITUALLY. So, Jesus’ poverty was to make us rich both spiritually and materially! Let’s examine the Scripture again carefully:

“He [became] so very poor, so that by being poor he could make you rich” (II Cor. 8:9 TLB).

Again, I ask: Did Jesus become poor spiritually? Certainly not! How could He heal the sick, open blind eyes and even raise the dead if He was poor spiritually? The only poverty Jesus endured was MATERIALLY! So, His poverty was to make us rich materially! Remember: He was never poor spiritually. Here is the bottom line. Jesus came to earth spiritually rich, but He came to earth in poverty to make us materially rich!

The larger question begs an answer: Why does Jesus want us to be rich materially? Oh, how the heresy hunters howl about all of this! They cry, “Jesus was poor so we should be poor, like Him.” Well, let me ask an even larger question: HOW ARE WE to obey His command to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15)? If every child of God were in poverty materially, who would finance the going “into all the world”?

TBN is doing our part, but the cost for 63 satellite channels feeding 12,000 plus stations, cables, small dishes, the Internet, and all the supporting technology costs nearly 200 million dollars a year. God has blessed thousands of precious partners like you to make this possible.

This is why God wants to make us rich. Not to live in extreme luxury while the world is going to hell! Yes, God wants you to have all your needs met and He wants you out of debt — but, He wants you rich so that we can finance taking the Gospel to every human being on earth! Oh, how this Scripture has been distorted by Satan and even well meaning Christians. But, here is the final KEY from Jesus’ own lips:

“For if you give, you will get! Your gift will return to you in full and overflowing measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, and running over” (Luke 6:38 TLB).

Yet here is the final, final KEY to having all you need and being rich in the way God wants you to be rich:

“Whatever measure you use to give—large or small—will be used to measure what is given back to you” (Luke 6:38).

Jan and I love you more and more with each passing year. We have proved the message in this newsletter to be true for 34 years, and we know that multitudes of you have too!

Join us this Fall Praise-a-Thon® November 4-9 Let’s let Jesus give us the riches we need to finish touching our whole world!

(Pictured: Paul and his Praise-a-Thon® team as they “threw the big switch” for a new satellite channel).

In early 2004, Jan and Brandon Crouch met with Jonas Gonzalez, Sr. to begin work on the Smile of a Child Hospital in Costa Rica.

Brother Jonas went to be with the Lord in December 2004, but last year the “JJJ—Jesus, Jonas, & Jan” Hospital, named in honor of Jonas Gonzalez., Sr., was completed. Paul Jr. recently visited the new hospital along with Jonas Gonzalez, Jr. (center) and staff physician, Dr. Renzo Vargas.

Paul was on hand to greet a precious partner, Mildred Yager, who celebrated her 99th birthday at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, FL.