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Not too positive a Scripture to begin a Christmas message! But, hold on — if you will go with me, we will arrive at a most glorious place!

The Bible does not tell us when or where this “master plan” was conceived or worked out; but, somewhere in eternity past the Holy Trinity, “THE MOST HIGH GOD,” knew exactly what the future held — from the Garden of Eden to the end of the world (or age). God the Father surely told Jesus, “If you will be the Savior of mankind, I will give you a name above all other names, so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that you are Lord!” (Phil. 2:10).

So, we begin at Genesis 1:1 and end at the NEW JERUSALEM coming down from God out of heaven (Revelation 21:2). The story is fascinating from Adam and Eve, all the way through the Old Testament and to that starlit night — but I am getting ahead of myself.

Most of us know most of this story, but we miss a lot in a simple surface reading of the Word. I hope this short recounting of this virtually unbelievable story will cause you to reread the account from the calling of Abraham to the calling of Moses; 400 years of bondage in Egypt; and a 40 year trek across the wilderness to the entry into the Promised Land. Oh, what a saga as the children of Israel struggled to possess the “land of milk and honey” from the pagan tribes that inhabited the land.

The period of the Judges is tragedy and triumph as many such as Deborah, Samson and Samuel, lead us ever nearer to our goal. After Samuel we enter into the era of the kings — beginning with Saul, then David (a man after God’s own heart), to Solomon. From there on it is a virtual roller coaster of a good king to a bad king until God finally turns His back on His own chosen people as recorded in the book of Malachi. How sad — for about 400 years there was no prophet, no true Temple worship — nothing but wars and conflict as the Macabees fought and warred with the enemies of Israel, the last of which were the Romans.

So, was all lost? Where was God? What about the promise all the way back to Abraham about this land would be the Israelites’ home forever? When would the promises of the prophets about a Deliverer, a Messiah, come to pass? Ah, here is where we in this day and age learn a priceless lesson of God’s infinite love and wisdom.

How many of us today are waiting for that fulfillment of God’s promise for something very near or dear to us? Most all of us, I would think. Well, here is our answer:

“But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.” Gal. 4:4, 5

Yes, from Genesis to Revelation, the whole blessed Book is the story of God’s master plan of redemption! That is what Christmas is all about — your and my salvation! You see, God is never early nor is He ever late — He is always right on time!

Today, we are fulfilling the last chapter of God’s great plan. Sometimes we get impatient and wonder why God waits so long to send our final redemption from the horrors of this world. Well, the apostle Peter gives us the answer. For 2,000 years God has been collecting a bride for His beloved Son, Jesus:

“And remember why he is waiting. He is giving us time to get his message of salvation out to others.” II Peter 3:15 TLB

Ah, dear partners, this is what Christmas is all about. Jan and I have long forgotten the trees, tinsel, lights, and presents. Oh, we have no problem with the traditional Christmas décor and festivities, mostly for the children, but be sure they understand the real purpose for Christmas: Jesus’ love for a lost and dying world.

Thank you for 34 years of loving support for your TBN with now over 12,000 stations, cables, satellite, and only God knows how many little dishes in countries around the world! Jan and I love you more with each passing year and will look for your letter of love and support as we approach the sunset of our days with your TBN!

Beautiful Christmas lights brighten up the sky at TBN’s headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA. Come and visit— it’s all about Jesus and it’s for YOU to enjoy! For more information, please go to: www.tbn.org.

Lights, lights and more lights will greet you at Trinity Music City in Hendersonville, TN! We hope you can come and celebrate the wonder of Christmas with us this year. For information please call 615-826-9191, or go to TBN’s website: www.tbn.org.

To our precious TBN Family— we wish all of you a very blessed and Merry Christmas filled with Jesus’ joy, Jesus' love and Jesus' peace. We love you! Paul & Jan