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Dear, dear partners — our beautiful world is in a mess! Oh, there are still parts of this planet with majestic splendor, but man has turned many spots into virtual hellholes! In prayer I cried out to the Lord and asked, “Father, how long will you allow this madness to continue?” Israel and the Palestinians; the madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, who declares that Israel must be “wiped off the map”; the war in Iraq rages on with many giving their lives to establish a free democratic nation next door to Iran. North Korea is just as crazy with President Kim Jong-il refusing to cease research for the ultimate weapon — the atomic bomb!

Precious partners, forgive me for opening this letter on such a downer! But we have GOOD NEWS for you, our TBN family! Yes, let’s take a look at what God has allowed us to do in 2007. I will not bore you with miles and miles of statistics, but will condense them and give you just a few.

FIRST LET ME ASK YOU to place this letter and report for 2007 on your refrigerator, prayer closet, or some prominent place in your home. Lift these exciting accomplishments to God daily, if only for a few minutes, and ask him to open even greater doors for 2008!

First of all, God gave us a beautiful little studio theater in Union Square in Manhattan, New York City! It is virtually remodeled and ready to become the new home for Channel 54, soon to become Channel 27 when digital TV becomes a reality on February 7, 2009.

Next, we were able to acquire a nice older building in Philadelphia which is complete and we’ll soon be producing local and even international Praise the Lord programs (wow)!

The largest acquisition was the HOLY LAND EXPERIENCE theme park in Orlando, Florida featuring music programs, dramas, a new children’s section, and most important — the recreation of Christ’s passion, crucifixion and, of course, His resurrection! Praise the Lord! Many have accepted Christ as a result of this realistic drama. Please come and see the 60 foot high recreation of Solomon’s magnificent Temple and its new VR Theatre.

In the foreign field there were several major expansions: TBN’s new satellite uplink facility in the Philippines, the hub for all of TBN’s broadcasts into Asia, became operational; TBN’s Farsi language network, Nejat TV, is sending a whole new channel to Iran and is also reaching North America via the Telstar 5 satellite; four TBN networks —TBN, Smile of a Child, The Church Channel and JCTV — began broadcasting on the great Asia Broadcast Satellite, which covers over half of the world’s population; Sri Lanka is opening up via direct-to-home receivers; the Costa Rica station has just finished its digital conversion; viewers in Japan can now receive TBN via IPTV — Internet Protocol Television; the Russian prison satellite dish distribution program was completed. Now, virtually every major prison in Russia receives TBN-Russia! TBN-Russia also began broadcasting to North America via the Telstar 5 satellite. In the Solomon Islands, we completed our station which reaches the capital city of Honiara; and in Tanzania, East Africa several new stations began construction!

On the home front, the news was just as thrilling! Three full power digital stations signed on in Phoenix, AZ; Harlingen, TX; and Ft. Pierce, FL. This completes our compliance with the FCC mandated switchover to digital broadcast format for 31 of our TBN owned and affiliated stations! The FCC also granted TBN 125 low power digital channels throughout the U.S., which we will begin building this year! Oh, I could go on and on, but the precious testimonies we receive, like the one below, are the greatest joy—

“THANK YOU TBN FAMILY, when I was down and out and deeply tormented, severely depressed, no money to phone anyone or go anywhere TBN was on…. I had NO HOPE, TBN gave me a fresh word…that has kept me going ever since. Only God knows how much TBN has blessed me & my family…. TBN, I would have committed suicide had it not been for you. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. I WON’T STOP GIVING FOR WHAT YOU GIVE TO ME IS PRICELESS.”

The JCTV, all youth network, grew by leaps and bounds! The young people love it, especially those in foreign countries. A precious 13-year old girl in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia recently wrote: “I love JCTV. When I turn on the TV the first channel I go to is JCTV. It is… awesome. Anyone who sees this channel will know that Christianity is fun.” Jan has worked hard to take her Smile of a Child children’s network around the world. Just read a sweet letter she received from a 4-year old in Algeria: “hy iam from Algeria. i have 04 years i love lot smile of a child.”

But I feel the most important report I can give comes from TBN’s Prayer Partner department. Again, this is only the tip of the iceberg, since many do not call or write, but our staff logged 4,659 new souls in 2007 who have received Jesus as Savior. This does not count the foreign number or the many recorded by the various TBN programmers worldwide! The grand total of all salvations stands at 36,606,554! Hallelujah!

Dear partners, most of you cannot go to a foreign country to be that laborer that Jesus prayed for and asks us to pray for. But through TBN, with over 12,000 affiliates, plus 64 satellite footprints, YOU ARE one of those laborers Jesus asked us to pray for! God bless you!

Yes, the Harvest truly is plenteous — but with satellite and TV, together we are MANY! Jan and I love you more and more with each passing year. Without you we could not do it!


The world of the Bible comes alive at TBN’s new Holy Land Experience park in Orlando, Florida! For more information go to www.theholylandexperience.com, or call 1-800-447-7235.

TBN’s Manila, Philippines satellite uplink station signed on last year. It is the hub of operations for TBN’s broadcasts to the “10/40” window of the world—home to over half the world’s population—via the Asia Broadcast Satellite.

Renovations began last year on TBN’s new Manhattan, New York studio. Scheduled for completion this year, it will be home to our Channel 54 station! [pictured: Paul Jr. in New York City].

Ability through disability was the theme of a special Praise program hosted by Paul Jr. Among his guests was best-selling author, speaker, disability advocate, and radio host Joni Eareckson Tada.

Best remembered for his 1987 Los Angeles performance for Pope John Paul II, musician, composer, singer, and speaker Tony Melendez blessed us with his beautiful music on Praise.

Before coming to Jesus, James Bertrand lost his arm in a suicide attempt. Now a bold witness for Christ, James spoke with Praise host Paul Jr. about “Just for Jesus,” the ministry he founded to reach kids with the Gospel.