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Praise God! We are 35 years nearer home! Many of the precious pioneer partners are already home — and OH what a greeting and reward they have already received from our precious Jesus!

Believe me: it took hard core FAITH back in 1973 to believe God with Jan and me that we would one day have even a little TV voice to lift Jesus high! I am often asked if I had any idea that a small low power TV station in Southern California would grow into a mighty Voice that would virtually cover the world. I must confess I did not! God in His mercy allowed TBN to grow at a pace that would not crush two little nobodies with the plan He had to cover millions worldwide with the Good News of His love and Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice to bring in a huge part of the end day harvest.

My heart nearly bursts as I remember those precious pioneers who loved God enough and had faith in Jan and me to see this mighty Voice that now sends the Gospel via 70 satellite footprints to over 20,000 affiliated stations and cable stations, four DTH (direct-to-home) satellites on the little dishes, Internet access worldwide, foreign language networks, and on and on! By the way, the Russian government has selected Jan’s Smile of a Child network as the number one children’s network for the whole country! WOW!

I shall never forget the night God spoke to Jan and me simultaneously as we were leaving a Christian TV rally. We were happy and UHF TV was finally beginning to be viewed by a few. Doug Oldham, a great singer, had been our guest at the Hollywood High School auditorium (if you want the whole story, get my book HELLO WORLD). The Voice of the Lord was so clear I could not even begin to mistake it! I looked at Jan as we drove out of the parking lot and said, “Angel, you will never believe what God has just spoken to me!” With a typical tear, Jan replied — “I know. He spoke the same word to me.” The word was short and simple, “Son, I release you from the work and ministry you are now in!” The reason this was so shocking was the fact that we felt settled working for a great church ministry that had an FM radio station and had just recently acquired a TV license. The only problem was the license was for San Bernardino and we could not even get the picture in Glendale where the church was located. Nevertheless, we persisted and began to create TV programs for the eastern part of Los Angeles and San Bernardino. So to be removed from this new pioneering effort was, indeed, a gigantic shock. Now, 35 years later, we see at least in part the awesome plan of the Lord to cover this sin sick world with the love of God.

Some would say, “Enough! What more can we do to help finish the final harvest before the great trumpet blast signaling the return of our blessed Lord Jesus for His saints?” Ah, dear partners: new doors are bursting open! The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida is hosting an average of 1,000 guests a day — many of them unsaved. We reenact the passion of Christ twice a day. Biblical dramas, musicals, a trip through the old city of Jerusalem — and Jan is in the process of creating a whole children’s section in this unique Biblical theme park.

We are on the verge of a new full power station in Denver, Colorado. We have had only a low power station and little cable carriage; now, we will be able to require full cable carriage! Besides all this, we must do more foreign language networks and foreign language translations. To date we have English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Farsi, and some Chinese translations.

OH NO—WE ARE FAR FROM FINISHED! Much of the world still lies in darkness. Jan and I need you now more than ever as new doors burst open in many new parts of the world.

How many days God will give us we do not know; but, know that Jan and I love you more with each passing year — now 35! Without YOU there would be no TBN — now with thirteen 24/7 whole networks worldwide! Praise the Lord!

“The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” Psa. 68:11
We’ll be looking for your letter and pledge.

Paul Jr. in TBN’s new Manhattan, NY studio auditorium. Renovations are nearing completion—soon we’ll begin broadcasting Christian TV into the heart of the “Big Apple”!

Paul Jr. in the new audio room of the Manhattan studio. Originally built as a theater in 1869, we have renovated the old building to make room for 21st century TV technology.