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Praise the Lord! We have known for several years that YOUR TBN network was reaching multitudes because of the thousands of letters, emails, phone calls, and faxes — but to read the following report in a secular Internet news release made my heart jump for joy!

"Pope Benedict's choice to publicly baptize the most prominent Muslim in Italy, Egyptianborn Magdi Allam, highlights a quiet worldwide exodus from Islam. In recent years, millions have moved on."

This new convert to Christianity, Magdi Allam, is the deputy director of "Corriere della Sera," one of Italy's oldest secular newspapers!

Ah, dear Partners, our investments in the Arabic Healing Channel are paying off! Is all of this the result of TBN? Of course not; but, believe you me, we have had a part! The main reason for this huge exodus from Islam is simply God's time to visit the Middle East and Africa! Glory be to God Most High! God is using many ministries, including TBN, to reach right into homes via the DTH (direct-tohome) satellites.

Formerly forbidden nations that make conversion to Christianity a death sentence, cannot keep the signal out! Praise the Lord! What really sent me almost to heaven was the (secular) report that:

"In every hour 667 Muslims convert to Christianity. Every day 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity, and every year 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity."M.

The astounding fact that an article of this nature would dare to publish such information negative to Islam is overwhelming. The report goes on to say:

"Allam's public baptism came just 10 days after the body of Catholic Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho of Mosul, Iraq was found in a shallow grave after being kidnapped by al-Qaeda February 29. The ceremony [of baptism] came just three days after an al-Qaeda tape threatening the Pope and condemning cartoons of Mohammed. Muslims who convert to other religions are subject to a standing order of death for apostasy. The baptism of Allam is an act of defi ance in the face of Islamic threats."

Ah, dear Partners — Jan and I cannot begin to tell you how important your partnership is to TBN and this HARVEST that is literally pouring in! Jesus warned us that at the end of this age, "The harvest [would be] great, but the laborers would be few" (Matt. 9:37)! We must keep this great TBN network on at home, but especially in the foreign lands! The prophet Joel's word is here! "Upon all fl esh," shall the Holy Spirit be outpoured. Pray as never before that God will use YOU and me and TBN to help fi nish bringing in the fi nal harvest!

There is so much more to this news network report. It will thrill you to read it all on the Internet at: pajamasmedia.com/blog/muslims-leaving-islam-in-droves.

Remember, a whole new full power station is coming to Denver, Colorado; new studios are required in several of our home stations; plus the conversion to HDTV on February 17, 2009. Keep us strong at home or the foreign outreaches could suffer and go off the air.

One last report to thrill you —
"Following decades of terrorist rule, Palestinians are being quietly converted, holding in-home services to avoid detection. Says one evangelist, 'I've been working among these people for thirty years, and I promise you I've never seen anything like this'!"

Can Jan and I count on you? I know we can! For 35 years you have never let us down!

Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart. Psa. 32:11

We love you more with each passing year!

(Paul and Jan pictured in Cairo, Egypt). TBN’s Arabic language network, The Healing Channel, is blanketing the entire Middle East with the Gospel of Jesus Christ 24/7!

(From 2004: Paul and Matt in front of Saddam Hussein’s Hands of Victory monument in Bagdad, Iraq). During this historic trip, Paul donated satellite dishes to churches and Christian leaders in Iraq. He actually purchased one from a street vendor in downtown Baghdad (bottom).