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Denver, Colorado Here We Come!   >>

"The Lord gave the Word: Great was the company of those that published it!" Psa. 68:11


Glorious news: Great change for the great city of Denver and many smaller towns and cities nearby!

For many years we have struggled with a small low power TV station that served the Denver area. The cable systems refused to carry TBN, and only a few of you could get our signal with indoor antennas — a few with outdoor antennas. Also, because of the low power, the picture was poor and snowy.


By the time you receive this newsletter, a brand new FULL POWER station will be under construction — maybe even on the air! Praise the Lord! Yes, we have made a contract to purchase the construction permit for 5 MILLION WATT KPJR Channel 38, and the best part is the fact that all the cable stations will be required, under the "must carry law," to add Channel 38 to their program lineup! Praise the Lord again! We already have a perfect TV studio in Westminster for local "Praise the Lord," plus other local Denver area programs! It has taken over 20 years for this miracle — but praise God, it is on the way!

I can remember coming to Dr. Charles Blair's great church with TBN rallies on more than one occasion — and oh, how we prayed for this glorious day. Why it took so long, I do not know; but, I do know that God's ways are best.

So, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice! This will be TBN's 35th big, full power station. With all of our other U.S. stations, we are currently reaching at least 98 percent of the households of America!

But, that's not all the good news.

TBN Russia is now carrying Jan's "Smile of a Child" (SOAC) network, and since the Russian satellite reaches Israel, SOAC will be seen by the thousands of Russian immigrants living there.

India continues to grow and expand. India now has DTH (direct-to-home) on the small dishes. We estimate that over 18 million precious Indian souls are getting TBN straight from the satellite! For years we would purchase the larger dishes and give them to the cable stations, only to have them used for other purposes. They cannot do that now — although many Indian cable stations are still carrying the TBN programs — but the future belongs to DTH and it is growing fast as the dear Indian people realize they can get many of the American TV programs, including your blessed TBN! Praise the Lord again and again!

During our April Praise-a-Thon®, we raised the funds for 500 satellite receivers for the nation of Sri Lanka. I am pleased to report that all 500 have been installed. And, so, another whole nation can now receive, yes — dear, old TBN!

Thank God the GOOD NEWS just won't stop.

Good news for TBN's all youth network, JCTV! Poland asked for it and now they have it 24/7! Vietnam asked for and is now receiving TBN, JCTV and Smile of a Child.

Dear Father in heaven, where does all of this glorious news end? I'll tell you when — Jesus said

"And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." Matt. 24:14

One final need and open door: Yvette Isaac and Pastor Nabil Abraham were recently in Egypt. We sent another 50 dishes for the smaller towns and villages. We could use a thousand more! I'm told that the main leader of a village gets to install the dish and most of the villagers gather around to watch TBN's Arabic language network, the Healing Channel.

Dear, dear partners: the harvest field is "white already to harvest" (John 4:35). Please help us — Jan and I cannot do all this without YOU! Our arms grow weary and our hearts break as we see these open doors and all it takes is a few dollars from all of us. Please let us hear from you — many could buy one dish for only $50.



"HELLO DENVER! It's taken 20 years,
but TBN will finally be covering
Denver with a new 5 million watt
38. We already have a studio to
produce local programs!

Pastor Ananda Mendis, Pastor
Sooriya Arachci Mudalige Rasika
and Evangelist Priyantha
Senapatiratne were on hand earlier
this year to receive the first satellite
receiving dish provided by TBN for
Sri Lanka. Since then, 500 satellite
receiving systems have been installed throughout the country! Praise the Lord!

TBN has provided satellite receiving
dishes to villages throughout Egypt so
that people can watch The Healing
Channel—TBN's Arabic language
network. Our contacts in Egypt are asking us to send more. Will you help us?