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I Will Do a New Thing!   >>

ISA. 43:18-19

Thirty-five years ago, Jan and I never dreamed what this “NEW THING” would become! We thought one small low power station covering most of Southern California was certainly “NEW” enough for us!

I wrote in my book, HELLO WORLD, that these awesome years were like a giant rollercoaster ride: at the top seeing the great things God was beginning; only to plunge down often in an agonizing state of despair! Yes, God in His mercy did not reveal His master plan of “NEW THINGS.” I’m sure if He had, it would have crushed us and the RIDE would have been over! I tell most of the story in HELLO WORLD. If you do not have it, simply ask and try to enclose a special offering — large or small. If I told EVERYTHING, you probably would not believe it!

So, before we examine this “NEW THING,” let me tell you one very special story which I will always know was a major key that made possible this “NEW THING.”

The year — 1973. We had finally made a deal to buy time on a small station up on Mt. Wilson, high above Los Angeles. Jan and I had invested our life savings of $20,000 and even pledged our home as collateral, since our goal was to ultimately purchase the station for 100% Christian television. But, to our dismay, after only three days on the air — 9 to 12 PM — our life savings was nearly gone! The owner demanded cash in advance before he would sign the station on! It would take too long to describe the fear that gripped my soul (read my book). Our pastor Syvelle Phillips and Jan agreed to have a brief minithon to share our impossible need with the few viewers we hoped we had!

I was physically and mentally washed out, so I begged to go home and pray for them! Oh Paul — great man of faith — NOT! As I drove home I was literally pounding on the steering wheel crying out to God, “Why does it have to be so hard,” I prayed. “Oh God, we have given you everything: our home, our lives, even our life savings!” For a moment there was silence — only the sound of the motor and the air swishing by. Suddenly, that “still small voice” SPOKE! The word of the Lord literally stunned me!


For a moment I was speechless. The Voice continued.


Dear Father — it was true! I had taken back a promissory note — hoping that in time TBN would be able to repay me. Oh, yes — God knows every secret of our hearts!

By now, I was home and as I switched on the TV and threw myself across the bed, I made a deal with God. I said, “Dear Lord, if you will cause your people to pledge $20,000 tonight, I will tear up the note and truly give our savings to you.”

By then, our pastor and Jan were in full swing — pouring out their hearts and burden to help TBN stay ON THE AIR and sharing our vision for 100% Christian TV, someday even 24/7! I could see my angel Jan on the phones. I called and somehow was able to speak to her. I told her about the voice of the Lord and the vow I had made about our savings. I explained the money was hers and mine together and wanted her agreement for this monumental move — not so great by today’s standards, but certainly monumental for us 35 years ago! There was silence for only a moment and then the sound of tears as she not only agreed, but that we two would be agreeing in prayer for this impossible miracle. I then told Jan to tell our pastor that a man who loved Christian TV with all his heart was pledging $20,000 if the people would match it that night! Through the tears, I could hear her say a final word, “I love you,” and she was gone.

I watched during a song as Jan whispered our challenge in the ear of our pastor and the miracle began! The challenge was given and the phones began to ring and ring and ring! By the way, be careful what you vow to God — He always keeps His part and expects you to keep your part! If you don’t, the Scripture says if you linger you must add 20% to your vow (Leviticus 27:30-31)! I’m sure the theologians and heresy hunters would condemn such actions, but for two simple little kids it was all we could do and I know for certain I had truly heard the voice of God!

Well, the critics will just have to live with their doubts because by the time the program was over the precious pioneer partners had not only matched our gift, but the grand total was $50,000 plus! Glory, hallelujah, praise be to God — our miracle was now reality! And since the need was so urgent, many dear partners actually drove down to our little studio at 111 West Dyer Road in Santa Ana, California to bring their pledges! For days we laughed, shouted, praised, and basked in the glory of God which had entered into TBN and all of us in a powerful new way!

At the time, I did not realize the great law of God that we had triggered, but 35 years later I can see that we had unlocked “THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN” (Malachi 3:10). Jan and I are witnesses that from that day to this, TBN has had more than enough to see this fl edgling little station grow into a mighty worldwide network with over 12,000 TV station and cable affi liates, fed by 70 satellite channels, as well as the Internet! And not just one network, but nine great networks: TBN, The Church Channel, JCTV youth channel, Jan’s Smile of a Child network, plus Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Russian and Farsi networks! To God be all the honor, praise and glory world without end — Amen!

Well, I got carried away with one of the greatest miracles our God gave us in these awesome 35 years! I nearly forgot the other reason for this historic month of February 2009. As most everybody knows, on February 17th the old standard of analog TV goes off forever! The “NEW THING” is now DIGITAL TV, and your TBN has been forced to build 35 new digital station transmitters at about one million dollars each! Isn’t it interesting that we build 35 new stations in our 35th year?

Jan and I are asking you, our veteran Partners, to put God’s word to the test — vow a vow and watch God open the windows of heaven for you just as he did for Jan and me those 35 years ago.

God knows how much we love you and bless you for making this great Voice possible in Jesus’ precious Name!

P.S. “Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth shall I tell you of them”! Isa. 42:9 KJV

Dear partners, I have asked Paul Jr. and our Vice President of Engineering, Ben Miller, to show you in this newsletter the options you have to receive TBN and in many areas all five of our domestic networks free through-theair! Read it carefully and if you still have questions, email Comments@tbn.org, or go to www.tbn.org and click on the “DTV Answers” banner, or the “Don’t Lose Your TBN Signal” banner.

Paul at TBN’s new digital TV transmitter tower covering New York City!

(Paul, Jan and Paul Jr. pictured on the Praise the Lord set at TBN’s headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA): The set has changed since TBN’s early pioneering days nearly 36 years ago, but the message remains the same: JESUS SAVES, JESUS HEALS, JESUS IS COMING AGAIN!

The miracle of our $50,000 pledge Praise-a-Thon®—after being on the air only three days—happened on this very set. Jan is pictured in the background on the prayer lines, while Paul and TBN staff member Rod Henke hosted the Praise the Lord program.

Our very first piece of TV equipment: a used, rebuilt, nearly outdated, videotape recorder; but it was like pure gold to us back in those pioneering days. We’ve come a long way—to God be the glory!