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"and i, if i be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me" jn. 12:32

Yes, dear Denver — the Mile High City — will now be able to LIFT JESUS HIGHER so that we may draw multitudes more to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord!

By the time you receive this newsletter your new FULL POWER TV STATION, KPJR Channel 38 will be nearing completion and be ON THE AIR June 12 in full, new digital quality! Why June 12? Ah, I’m glad you asked. That is the final FCC deadline for all the old analog stations to go OFF THE AIR — forever! So, your new KPJR Channel 38 will begin broadcasting FOUR of our domestic networks through-the- air FREE — all you need is a new digital tuner box and a small indoor or outdoor antenna, depending on how far you are away from the new digital transmitter located at Fort Lupton, just northeast of Denver. If you have purchased a new TV with the digital tuner built in, then all you will need is the small antenna. Almost any electronics store like Radio Shack can advise you as to what you need to get all four of our TBN domestic networks: TBN, The Church Channel, JCTV youth channel and Jan’s Smile of a Child network for the children! If you are already on cable, or the two direct-to-home dish satellite service providers, you can still get Channel 38 free through-the-air! Again, a little advice from a TV or electronics store will be helpful.

So, how can YOU help TBN to lift Jesus higher? Well, let me first ask you a vital question: Have you ever been touched and received a healing from Jesus? I daresay that every child of God has experienced this blessing. I surely have and so has Jan! But, before I tell you how you can help us lift Jesus higher in Denver, there is a precious story in Matthew’s gospel about a pitiful leper who came to Jesus and said —

“Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.” Immediately Jesus reached out and touched this suffering man and said:

“I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.” Matt. 8:2-3 KJV

How wonderful—but now for the rest of the story. Before leaving the man healed, Jesus instructed him to:

“Go thy way, shew thyself to the priest, and offer the gift that Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them.” Matt. 8:4 KJV

WOW! A GIFT for healing? No, you cannot ever buy a miracle, a healing or any blessing from the Lord! This commandment was just what Jesus said — “a testimony” or a thank you offering to God for the healing.

I learned this lesson late in life, but believe me: I now offer God a “thank you” offering every time I am blessed with Jesus’ gracious touch! Let me also tell you about Jan’s miracle healing of cancer. Six years ago, my angel Jan was dying with the aggressive horror of colon cancer. The doctors said without chemotherapy and radiation treatments she would have only six months to a year to live! Bless her sweet heart, she refused any and ALL of the doctor’s advice, except removal of the active tumor, and placed her faith fully in Jesus! And, yes, six years later she is alive and well, giving her life completely to TBN and telling everyone of her great miracle from God!

So, did Jan give God a “thank you” offering for her healing? Oh, yes she did! And it was a big one — which she gave with great joy!

Now, back to you. Have you been healed, delivered from something, or blessed by the Lord? Have you brought a special “thank you” offering for a testimony as Jesus commanded? If you have, you know the great joy that comes as we gratefully give from our hearts for any and all of His blessings.

So, how can we all help this great, new powerful Voice in Denver? Jan and I will join you in a special “thank you” offering so that we can sign Channel 38 ON THE AIR — debt free! I can hardly wait as I write this letter in April, because I know that immediately those white salvation slips will start coming in! Glory be to God most High! New souls saved by the grace of God and thanks to our witness!

You know what? There is another great blessing that comes to you because of your gift. You will become yet another FRUIT BEARER And, in John’s gospel Jesus declares for all fruit bearers this promise:

“Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you… that ye should go and bring forth fruit…[so] that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.” Jn. 15:16 KJV

So, rejoice all you FRUIT BEARERS for another great full power Voice to help bring in this last day harvest! Together we are building multitudes of living Temples for the glory of God! Jan and I love you, now, 36 years long and strong! Thank you for helping us all to LIFT JESUS HIGHER than ever before!

(Pictured from 1987: Paul and Jan on the Denver raise set with guests Gen. Charles Duke, Dr. Robert Lindsey and Betty Maltz). For more than 20 years, TBN has reached a limited part of Denver with a small, low power TV station—now we’ll cover the entire Denver metroplex!

Get ready, Denver... soon we’ll be producing new programs—including "Praise the Lord"—from YOUR beautiful studio!

Starting June 12, TBN will blanket Denver with 5 MILLION WATT full power TV station KPJR Ch. 38! And the best part: all the cable stations will be required under the "must carry law" to add Ch. 38 to their program lineup. We already have a studio (pictured) to produce local programs!