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Sing To The Lord!   >>


Praise the Lord! My heart is overflowing with glory and precious love for our Lord God Most High!

In previous letters we have rejoiced for the way HIS GLORIOUS WORD is now covering the whole world through 79 satellite channels, well over 20,000 TV and cable stations and networks, the vast Internet, plus an unknown number of small direct-to-home dishes — a number so huge we can only estimate the many millions worldwide. Praise the Lord God Most High! But, today my heart says it is time to simply stop and praise and glorify our glorious Lord who, through His people, has brought this MIGHTY VOICE to pass throughout our whole wide world! The psalmist leads us in song as our hearts overflow in gratitude to the Lord:

“How awe-inspiring are your deeds, O God! How great your power!” Psa. 66:3 TLB

Our hearts burst with praise and thanksgiving as the music swells!

“All the earth shall worship you and sing of your glories.” Psa. 66:4 TLB

Sometimes the glory cloud seems to envelope us in an ecstasy too awesome for mere words!

“Come, see the glorious things God has done. What marvelous miracles [he has granted] to his people”! Psa. 66:5 TLB

By now, I hope your hands are raised in mighty praise to our Living Lord. Oh, let your praises rise with mine as He promises to inhabit the praises of His people! Reach out NOW — claim that miracle you need. God delights in filling His people with every good and perfect gift! Take your healing, your provision, those lost loved ones — glory to God — they are ours IN JESUS’ NAME! And, as I have said so often, our Father loves us so much that we can even —

“Delight thyself…in the LORD: and he shall give thee [even] the desires of thine heart.” Psa. 37:4 KJV

But, there is more, much more. God has made us stewards, even partners, with Him in His great plan of the ages to create a heavenly family — yes, a Bride for His beloved Son — to live with Him to rule and reign with Him forever! We listen with baited breath as we take another step toward glory —

“Let everyone bless God and sing his praises, for he holds our lives in his hands. And he holds our feet to [his] path.” Psa. 66:8 TLB

Oh, how good are all of these precious promises and invitations to praise; yet, now, the psalmist tells of the time that I’m sure all of us can identify and say “Amen” to:

“Now I have come to your Temple with [my] offerings to pay my vows. For when I was in trouble I promised you many offerings.” Psa. 66:13-14 TLB

Do I have a witness? Have I paid my vow or pledge? Have you? If we have, oh the joy and blessings that are ours because of God’s great love. Listen and rejoice:

“Come and hear, all of you who reverence the Lord, and I will tell you what he did for me: For I cried to him for help, with praises ready on my tongue.” Psa. 66:16-17

Ah, in all the victory and glory sometimes we have some pain —

“He would not have listened if I had not confessed my sins.” Psa. 66:18 TLB

The song hits a minor key at this point, but I am confident you know what to do! The psalmist also knew and obeyed and was able to say:

“But he listened! He heard my prayer…. Blessed be God who didn’t turn away when I was praying, and didn’t refuse me his kindness and love!” Psa. 66:19-20 TLB

Praise the Lord God Most High! By now, if we have obeyed the music of this Psalm, we are ready for His glorious assignment for this great, big, beautiful

Buckle up that seatbelt and take a deep breath as this song — I’m sure a choir by now — is ready for the next verse:

“O God, in mercy bless us; let your face beam with joy as you look down at us.” Psa. 67:1 TLB

Okay, dear partners, here we go —

“Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind.” Psa. 67:2

Now here is where I get shoutin’ happy! Here is the whole plan of God in a nutshell:

“How everyone throughout the earth will praise the Lord!” Psa. 67:3 TLB

And the last verse of this great song says —

“In the farthest corners of the earth the glorious acts of God shall startle everyone”! Psa. 65:8

And the final chord simply says:


Dear, dear partners: Together we are not just singing this glorious song—we are doing it! Praise God, if we were all in one great room, I would start an old fashioned Jericho march! Hallelujah, praise the Lord! Now, help me get down from the chandelier I am swinging on!

So, are you singing with us? For 37 years, Jan and I have loved you, prayed for you, seen God do miracles for all of us! If you haven’t joined our glorious choir, join
us TODAY! Jan and I will be looking for your letter and verse of your loving support. Every bill is still paid and we have ZERO debt! To God be the glory. But, there is still much more we must do for the KINGDOM!

Yes, Jan and I surely do love you, now, 37 years long and strong!

P.S. Paul Jr. and staff have just returned from checking up on Europe — London, Madrid and Rome — the pictures and captions tell a glorious story!

Paul Jr. at a “satellite farm” with TBN’s Holy Land Experience. Richard Fleming, managing director of TBN’s U.K. offices.

Pablo Vasquez, Paul Jr. and TBN attorney José de la Guardia, outside of TBN’s Madrid studios. The Madrid station is the hub for all of TBN’s broadcasts to Europe, the Middle East and Russia.

Paul Jr. and Brandon taping “Behind the Scenes” at Buckingham Palace.

Paul Jr. with TBN’s Madrid, Spain station manager, Pablo Vasquez, in the master control room of TBN’s Madrid, Spain station.

Paul Jr. and Brandon visited with Chuck Hall, TBN’s manager in Italy, in the beautiful Milan studio.