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Praise God, O World!   >>


The psalmist must have been having a glorious good day because he concludes a few verses later with:

“PRAISE GOD, O WORLD!” (Psa. 67:5 TLB)

Dear partners: Rejoice with Jan and me and with all the great family of TBN as we close escrow this month of July for WHRE-TV 21 licensed to VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA! Yes — another great FULL POWER STATION covering the vast Tidewater region of Virginia! Praise the Lord! We actually have been leasing this station for some time, but in a few days TBN will own Channel 21, 100%! Many in this region are already enjoying TBN and are partners with us 24/7!

Originally Channel 21, but now since the new digital conversion, we are actually broadcasting through-the-air FREE on CHANNEL 7 VHS! The great news, if you are viewing through-the-air with an indoor or an outdoor antenna, is that you can receive all five of our domestic channels free: TBN, The Church Channel, JCTV youth channel, Jan’s Smile of a Child kid’s channel, and also Enlace, the Spanish language channel. We are also leasing studio space from CBN, so let’s all say, thank you to Pat Robertson and all who work on the 700 Club. So, when you come to visit Regent University and the 700 Club, stop in and visit your TBN!

Ah, dear partners, with 35 big full power stations, over 200 low and medium power stations, over 6,000 cable stations, and the DirecTV and Dish networks, we are virtually reaching every household in the good, old USA! WOW! This means that our coverage in the USA is virtually complete. Now, Jan and TBN’s programming department lead the way in ever better and more Christ centered programming for the USA and the world! Get set for what you have asked for: more major Christian movies — yes, great motion pictures like, King of Kings, The Robe, Barabbas, Chariots of Fire, The Shoes of the Fisherman, just to name a few.

So, with most of the hardware in place for the USA, we will now dive ever deeper into the whole wide world! I think you know that we are already covering the world with 78 great satellite footprints which feed over 20,000 foreign stations and cable stations with TBN in many different languages including Spanish, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Farsi, and some Urdu for Pakistan. Then, add a few programs in German, French, Hungarian, Romanian, Estonian, and Mandarin. But, there’s much more to come….

Praise God, China is now opening up. We are on the largest cable station in Hong Kong with over 900,000 households, reaching deep into mainland China! Some Chinese subtitled programs are being added with more coming.

And, finally, only the Lord knows how many MILLIONS of small direct-to-home satellite receiving dishes are out there in virtually every nation on earth! Praise God, many of you are helping us to give away free dishes in many countries. We’ve heard from viewers in over 200 countries!

Dear, dear partners: the psalmist knew by the Holy Spirit what this unique generation — YOU AND ALL THIS GREAT TBN FAMILY — would be commissioned by God to accomplish:

“Send us around the world with the news of your saving power, and your eternal plan for all mankind. How everyone throughout all the earth will praise the Lord!” (Psa. 67:2-3 TLB)

And, yet there are some regions that still wait for the GOOD NEWS. Even though our satellites cover the world, many wait for the small dishes to receive the satellite signal. So, I am asking one more time: help us send these little evangelist dishes to the world!

How we rejoice to hear from Iraq! You prayed for my son, Matthew, and me as we visited Iraq a few years ago. What a thrill ride as we made a circular approach to the Baghdad airport! We all got sick — I nearly lost my breakfast! But, we left money with the Army chaplain to buy as many dishes as possible. He did and now Iraq is receiving TBN in English and Arabic! In Egypt and all the Middle East, a secular Arabic network grudgingly admits over 15,000 souls a day are leaving false religions to embrace our precious Lord Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

Yes, dear partners, the holy call is for dishes, dishes, dishes! As little as $100 buys a dish for India; $250 for Egypt and up to $2,500 to outfit a large prison in the USA and Russia. The harvest field here is limitless, so let’s FILL THE EARTH WITH DISHES, the little “catchers” of our satellite signals!

Dear partners, the hour grows late — Jesus spoke especially to our generation. He knew when the time of His return would draw near:

“Do you think the work of harvesting will not begin until the summer ends four months from now? Look around you! Vast fields of human souls are ripening all round us, and are ready now for reaping.” (John 4:35 TLB)

WOW! Do you need a job, yes, a paycheck? Read on and rejoice! “The reapers will be paid good wages and will be gathering eternal souls into the granaries of heaven!” And here is the final payday as millions rise up in heaven to bless you:

“What joys await the sower and the reaper, both together!” (John 4:36 TLB)

So, will you help Jan and me and all this blessed TBN family to work the harvest field with great joy? For 37 years, now, this great voice has been “gathering fruit unto life eternal.” I am absolutely certain that before another 37 years pass, we will be rejoicing around the throne of God with such glory we cannot even describe it in our frail human language! But, until then, say it with me —