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Virginia Beach Is Ours!   >>


Come on EVERYBODY, let’s sing! As I write this newsletter to you, the FCC has just granted FULL POWER STATION NUMBER 35 to YOUR TBN! All praise to our wonderful Lord!

The glorious news reached me on July 9: WHRE Channel 21, covering the greater Tidewater, Virginia Beach area with 24/7 Christian television, was granted to TBN. So REJOICE — Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk plus numerous smaller cities, counties and towns of Hampton Roads. Virtually 2,000,000 souls are now covered! Glory to God! Let’s say hello to Pat Robertson and family, the 700 Club and Regent University and our precious brothers and sisters in Christ!

“How awe-inspiring are your deeds, O God! How great your power!” Psa. 66:3 TLB

With 35 great full power TV stations, plus over six thousand cable affiliates, both DirecTV and DISH (direct-to-home dishes), we can rejoice that virtually every home in America is covered — ah yes, “Hello, America,” but also “HELLO WORLD”!

Who could have dreamed 37 years ago what God had determined to do? Some of you may remember the awesome word of prophecy given by my friend and brother in Christ, Jerry Bernard. Jerry and his dear wife, Sandi, now pastor a church in Daytona Beach, Florida. What a great blessing and encouragement they were to Jan and me in those early days of pioneering. THE DATE: JUNE 15, 1975 — TBN RALLY IN ANGELUS TEMPLE, LOS ANGELES. THE WORD OF PROPHECY:

“For the Lord Himself would say unto you, the investments of time and money, the investments of life and blood itself that you have made for my cause have been noted by the Lord and has been taken note of even in the record books of heaven.”

The prophecy was precious and powerful. I’ve printed the entire word in my book, Hello, World (write and ask for it and try to tuck in an offering of ten dollars or more to cover the costs). I must include, here, the final word of this prophecy which has literally come true:

“I, the Lord, will cause my work to prosper and grow. There will be no great power that will come against my will that will overpower it!”

How Jan and I stood on this awesome word as we agonized those eight long years defending and fighting for TBN’s TV licenses in federal court (again, read my book!). But, here was the final word of the Lord:

“I will accomplish the work that I have set forth to do. For I am the Lord and it is my work, saith the Lord God Almighty!”

WOW (WALK ON WATER)! Here we are now 37 years later and together we have worked, laughed, cried, nearly died, but have seen the hand of the Lord raise up not just one TV network, but 10 great networks — TBN, the Church Channel, JCTV youth channel, Smile of a Child children’s channel, plus Spanish Enlace, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, and finally a high definition version of TBN being picked up more and more by the cable and DISH networks! Hallelujah!

Dear partners: Rejoice, rejoice! Because of YOU — yes, ALL of this great TBN family working together —

“All the earth shall worship [God] and sing of your glories. Come, see the glorious things God has done.” Psa. 66:4-5 TLB.

And, finally, the psalmist says what we all want to say: “What marvelous miracles happen to his people!” Psa. 66:5

I have often said that if 37 years ago I had been a professing atheist, I would now HAVE to believe. I have seen with my own eyes MIRACLES that only our God could have done! Oh, dear partners, lift your hands with me in mighty praise to our wonderful Lord. Oh, sing that sweet chorus with me:

Our wonderful Lord, our wonderful Lord
By angels and seraphs in heaven adored
We bow at thy shrine
Our Savior Divine
Our wonderful, wonderful Lord

Many of you may not realize how close we came to losing all of our precious TV licenses. The psalmist also had some great trouble. So, here is what he did:

“Now I have come to your Temple with burnt offerings to pay my vows. For when I was in trouble I promised you many offerings.” Psa. 66:13-14 TLB

Let me tell you, Jan and I did exactly the same thing! We brought our “many offerings” to the Lord and wept our thanks to our God of miracles! Perhaps you have done continued from cover… the same. If not, we ALL owe God an offering of thanks for saving this great Voice to the world called TRINITY BROADCASTING NETWORK!

So, where do we go from here? Again, the psalmist says it for us: “In the farthest corners of the earth the glorious acts of God shall startle everyone” (Psa. 65:8 TLB)! And, finally, the prophecy concludes with: “Praise God, O world!” (Psa. 67:5).

So, help me welcome greater Virginia Beach to our ever growing TBN family. Let’s all lift our voice and say it with the psalmist to our 21st century billions:


P.S. You Virginia Beach partners have been enjoying TBN for some time, but we were leasing the station at first — now we and YOU OWN IT! PTL!


The prophecy God gave to Jerry 35 years ago about TBN has come true: “I, the Lord, will cause my work to prosper and grow.” (Photo from 1975: Paul and Jan with Jerry Bernard at Angelus Temple).

Reaching India with the Love of Jesus!

TBN’s partners have helped send thousands of satellite receiving dishes to churches, villages and homes in various parts of India. Among the recipients was an orphanage in Madurai, where the children can now watch TBN, as well as Smile of a Child and JCTV!

These precious children are able to watch Christian TV because of YOU, our TBN family!