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Another Dream!   >>


WOW, dear partners, we are about to see another move by the hand of God in this glorious final harvest of souls! Yes, I had another dream, but before I tell you about it, hear the prophetic word of the Lord —

  • “The whole earth shall see it and return to the Lord; the people of every nation shall worship him.” Psa. 22:27 TLB

My dream is surely God’s response to His awesome move in the Middle East — in fact in all of Europe and many other places where the Arabic language is spoken. I am rejoicing for the report by Christian journalist Joel Rosenberg, who recently returned from the Middle East with this glorious news:

  • “You rarely hear about it on the news. You rarely hear about it in churches in the West, in the East or even in the Middle East. But the big untold story is that more Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus Christ today than at any other time in history.” (Excerpt from “Inside the Revival: Good News & Changed Hearts Since 9/11” by Joel C. Rosenberg).

Good news? Yes, but this is just the beginning! We will have more of Joel’s report in this newsletter, but now for my dream.

We have known through our Arabic language Healing Channel network that many are turning to Jesus. They ask for Bibles and any other literature to help them in their new walk of faith. We send what we can, but we are told that governments hostile to the Christian faith often catch this material and destroy it. And so my dream...

In it I saw precious souls walking aimlessly seeking, searching for these materials. They were saying: “We need Bibles, literature. We are new Christians, but now what shall we do?” In this dream, God made it clear to me that we must create an on-air Arabic language BIBLE SCHOOL for the Healing Channel! Yes — send it by satellite to those small dishes, run the wires to all the homes in the town or village and no one can keep the Bible school out!

Dear partners, put yourselves in the place of a new convert to Christ. First of all, you are in a deadly hostile environment. You have the joy of your new salvation, but in most cases you dare not let your new faith be known, so what do you do? Right here is where Satan will do his worst to steal the new seed just planted by the Holy Spirit! Enter — the on-air Healing Channel Bible School! We have commissioned Dr. Rafaat Girgis, an anointed Christian medical doctor from Egypt, to lead the way. He is busily recruiting Arabic speaking Bible teachers and we’ll begin with basic “Bible 101.” But as soon as possible, there will be more intensive and deeper teaching about, most importantly, how to be an evangelist in a way for underground soul winning!

Dear partners, hear another report by our brother, Joel Rosenberg, and you will see why God is quickening the pace.

  • “For many Muslims, despair and despondency at what they see as the utter failure of Islamic governments and societies to improve their lives and give them peace, security, and a sense of purpose and meaning in life are causing them to leave Islam in search of truth.”*

The reason we MUST have this new Arabic language Bible school? Hear Joel once more:

  • “Some [Muslims] have lost their way entirely and have become agnostics and atheists. Others have sadly turned to alcohol and drug abuse.”*

But glory to God — hear the awesome good news that drives us to our knees, but then causes us to arise to action! Oh, dear partners, the time is now because —

  • “But millions are finding that only Jesus Christ heals the ache in their hearts and the deep wounds in their souls.” *

Just one final story from Joel Rosenberg’s report that will send you shouting, “GLORY”!

  • “‘In Iran,’ an Iranian Christian told me, ‘you don’t go after people with the gospel. They are coming to you to ask about the Lord.’”*

But here is the proof that we are here at just the right time — God’s perfect time of harvest! Read the following story told to Joel by a pastor living in Iran…and rejoice!

  • “I went to the doctor’s office because I was feeling very ill. I asked the receptionist if I could see the doctor right away, but she was a veiled woman and a fanatical Muslim. She had no intention of making life easier for an ‘infidel,’ and she told me I would have to wait for two hours. ‘You will regret that,’ I said with a smile, and then sat down in the crowded waiting room.”*

Ah, the wisdom and strategies of our God. Get ready to shout!

  • “A few moments later, the doctor walked by to pick up a file. ‘Hello, Reverend,’ he said to me. I greeted him back. Then everyone in the waiting room asked me, ‘Are you really a reverend?’ I said I was. ‘How can I know Jesus?’ they asked. I told them and five Muslims prayed with me in the waiting room to receive Christ as their Savior!”*

So, shall we launch this new Arabic Bible school? Oh, I know your answer by the Holy Spirit! Jan and I will await your letter, gift or Internet pledge. This is Praise-a- Thon renewal month, so please designate at least a part of your gift or pledge for our new Arabic ministry!

Jan and I have loved you now moving into our 38th year! How we love the way the psalmist finishes this prophetic glory —

  • “For the Lord is King and rules the nations.” Psa. 22:28 TLB

Yes, but He uses you and me — all of us who love Him — and leaves us with this final, awesome promise:

  • “Generations yet unborn shall hear of all the miracles he did for us!” Psa. 22:31 TLB

*Excerpt from “Inside the Revival: Good News & Changed Hearts Since 9/11” by Joel C. Rosenberg. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Carol Stream, IL. For more information go to: www.joelrosenberg.com.

Paul was joined by Healing Channel programmers (left to right): Hazem Farraj, host of “Reflections,” Dr. Raafat Girgis and Pastor Sarkis Diarbi, a singer, worship leader and a new programmer on the Healing Channel.


Paul with Dr. Raafat Girgis, who will be leading the efforts for the Healing Channel’s new Arabic language Bible school.

A popular program on the Healing Channel is “Together On Air,” a live talk show where viewers from all over the Middle East call in with questions about various program topics. (pictured left to right): Hani Nabil, Moshira Wilson and hosts Victor and Yvette Isaac).