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Glory to God! You and I are living to see this awesome word of prophecy come to pass — and much, much more!

We have rejoiced to learn this past year that about 16,000 precious souls — and more — a day are turning from false, dead religions in the Middle East to know and serve the true and living God. Letters and emails from all over the region, mostly from nations where Christianity is punishable by death, tell of dreams, visions and personal appearances by Jesus to hungry people seeking the truth. Surely our Arabic language Healing Channel is a part of this marvelous phenomenon!

This great report alone would be enough to rejoice over; but the truth, dear partners, leads me to believe that we are seeing the beginning of the prophet Joel’s prediction that in the “latter days” the Holy Spirit would be “poured out on ALL flesh!” Glory to God, this agrees with our Scripture heading that —

“All the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God”! Isa. 52:10

But, as I said, there is so much more!

We learn from our Russian TBN leaders and partners that the “home churches” in China are experiencing glorious revival. In fact, some of their leaders are vowing to march west to evangelize Israel and the Middle East! We know this because Igor Nikitin, our manager for all of Russia, has been invited to attend a special conference in China where Russian evangelical Christian programs will be approved for broadcast to all China. Praise God, with our English and Chinese subtitling in Mandarin, plus Russian, we will reach the vast regions of China with the Gospel! And, don’t forget for several years we have been purchasing a full channel on the giant Hong Kong cable system with over 1.1 million subscribers, reaching up to many in mainland China.

Dear partners, I emphasize these two great regions of the world because of a prophetic word we received years ago in which the Holy Spirit declared that TBN would be mightily used of the Lord to reach many forbidden places. This came from two anointed prophets of the Lord. How we rejoice to see that word coming to pass! Hallelujah!

In my January newsletters I usually give you some of the highlights from the past year, and I will give a report on some of the extra special events of 2010, including programming and technical growth, but the awesome breakout of revival here at home and abroad has captured our attention.

We see that a mighty move of the Holy Spirit is exploding in Mobile, Alabama! Signs, wonders and miracles are bringing many to faith in Christ. I saw a TV report showing a lady who had been paralyzed from the waist down for 22 years after a car accident — stand up and after a little help began walking on her own! Glory to God most high! This and much more is taking place at the Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama pastored by John Kilpatrick.

Another report states that multiple “megachurches” are springing up all over America! A megachurch is defined as having 2,000 members and more. Praise God, He will not forget our blessed America. How we need a new mighty move with Washington in total disarray. We must pray for our leaders as never before!

Dear partners, I need a thousand pages to tell you about events such as —

Jan’s special Praise program with Franklin Graham visiting the historic new Billy Graham library — it is a must see! From TBN’s programming department came many new movies — too many to mention, but Saturday night now features mostly inspirational movies — you asked for them! Our programming department went wild with awesome specials like the historic Yankee Stadium and Dodger Stadium “Night of Hope” services with Joel and Victoria Osteen. Then there were great new Christmas specials from Dino and many others. Oh, and how about the “Boy Who Came Back from Heaven”?! If you missed some of these great new features, go to the tbn.org website and check the schedule for future airings. Actually, some of these will be in TBN “archives” and can be recalled for viewing at your convenience.

Speaking of archives — hold on to your seat! Paul Jr. and staff are working to launch a new website this summer called “Interactive TBN” or “i-TBN,” a feature so vast it takes my breath away. We are literally taking the whole 37 year history and inventory of TBN programming and making it available on-line. We will also be adding new programs daily as they are produced or created. You will be able to recall and view virtually ALL TBN and some other programmers at your favorite viewing time. WOW! You can see Jan and me when we were young and beautiful! Of course, my precious Jan is still young and beautiful!

In the technical area we finished the awesome job of transitioning from analog to digital broadcasting thanks to Ben Miller and the engineering staff. This needs a whole book to tell the miraculous stories of how God got us maximum power and coverage with our great 35 full power stations from New York to Los Angeles!

Time and space do not permit me to tell of the JCTV youth program, “Real Videos,” which celebrated 25 years of reaching out to lost and desperate teens and young adults. Matt and Laurie joined in as the founders of “Real Videos” even though they don’t qualify as youth anymore! JCTV now reaches the world via the Internet, all of TBN’s international satellites and over 35 full power TV stations here at home, plus over 16 million cable households — oh, yes, and into many prisons throughout the U.S. and growing fast!

Dear Jan not only runs the Holy Land Experience theme park, but still carries much of the programming schedule for TBN. But her heart is with the children of the world! “Smile of a Child” is her pride and joy and now also goes around the world by TBN satellite and also via the Internet, TBN’s 35 great broadcast stations, plus over 16,000 cable households.

I’m out of time and space, but just to mention The Church Channel, Enlace Spanish channel, the Arabic language Healing Channel, TBN Nejat TV Farsi language channel to Iran, the Russian channel, the Italian channel, plus TBN’s high definition channel! Wow — ten great networks, all proclaiming the love and salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, so watch my Behind the Scenes program weekdays at 5:00 PM West Coast time. Paul Jr. and I do our best to keep you current on all the fast moving miracles of our TBN!

God bless you — Jan and I love you more and more as we now move into our 38th year by God’s grace! We cannot go on without your loving support, so we will look for your letter this new month and new year!

Jan visited the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC, where she taped a special program with Franklin Graham and long time Billy Graham Evangelistic Association music and program director, Cliff Barrows.

Jan, Paul, Matt, and Holy Land Experience cast member Les Cheveldayoff were on hand last year when Jan announced the construction of the beautiful Church of All Nations auditorium at the Holy Land Experience.

Jan was joined by HLE cast members Phil Yeast and Les Cheveldayoff to show a 3-D model of the new auditorium scheduled for completion this spring!