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Drop Down, Ye Heavens!   >>

Isa . 45:8

Glory to God! Because of you, because of TBN, God’s voice is pouring down from the heavens! Yes, the whole earth is covered with 77 satellite footprints from above! Praise the Lord! Ah, dear partners: our prophetic theme Scripture is being fulfilled as “salvation and righteousness” are springing up together!

Praise God, when in all of history could such a Scripture be fulfilled? Only today as our satellites are pouring down our Lord’s SALVATION! The world thinks they have created this technology, yes, for their evil desires — but this word is clear: “I the LORD have created it.” Wait a minute. You ask, “God brought even the bad satellites into being?” Let’s read it together:

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil.” Isa. 45:7

We have to look carefully here, as the old English word “evil” means simply that God allows evil to exist. In fact, the text goes on to make it clear: “I the LORD do all these things” (Isa. 45:7). But here is the glorious truth that we rejoice over —

“Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” Rom. 5:20

While we praise God for satellites, TV stations, cable connections, big dishes, little home dishes, the Internet, and on and on, the question arises: Where do we go from here? I’m so glad you asked!

You old timers will remember my declaration that when some new technology comes – “WE’LL BUY IT, TOO!” – yes, to reach every soul on planet earth with Jesus’ love! Well, that day is here! A few months ago my son, Paul Jr. came to me and said, “Dad, we must create a new kind of TV station.” Anyone knows this kind of announcement gets my full attention! He went on to explain that the Internet is exploding. You computer friendly partners already know this. What Paul Jr. went on to describe was awesome! What he began to layout was this new TV station — iTBN. Yes, the “i” stands for “INTERNET,” but buckle up your spiritual seatbelts! This TV station would make our current website, www.tbn.org, look tiny by comparison. First of all, there is a massive computer “server” that will feed all ten of our networks WORLDWIDE! Yes, name them, count them: (1) TBN; (2) the Church Channel; (3) JCTV youth channel; (4) Jan’s Smile of a Child children’s network; (5) Spanish language Enlace USA; (6) Italian TBNE; (7) the Arabic language Healing Channel; (8) Farsi language TBN Nejat TV; (9) TBN World; (10) TBN HD-TV. Don’t forget to include with TBN our 35 big FULL POWER TV stations from coast-to-coast!

So, how do we get ten major networks to the whole wide world? Enter iTBN, which has room for ten and even more as we develop additional foreign language networks. Right now agonizing calls are coming from India, China and Indonesia. By the way, Indonesia has more Muslims than any other nation on earth. Of course, this is just the beginning. Europe needs French, German and a host of other national languages. The number is virtually endless and while we cover the world in English, we must develop many more major world language networks.

But, dear partners, wake up! i-TBN will do so much more! How would you like to be able to go back in time and access virtually ALL of TBN’s programs? Wow! I said virtually all because some of the very early years – 1973, 1974, 1975, etc. – may not be retractable because the old video tape is bad on some of the programs. But how would you like to go back at least 30 years and watch some TBN classics like Oral Roberts, Katherine Kuhlman, David Duplessis, and Dr. Richard Eby – who visited both heaven and hell! Dear partners, the end is awesome because we are not just talking about the Praise the Lord program. No! We are talking about ALL of TBN’s 24/7 programs, including all of the other programs from Schuller to Schambach!

So have you gotten the picture? With a click of your mouse you’ll have “Let’s Just Praise the Lord –‘LIVE’ from the Mount of Olives”! Yes, for three years we sent you Praise from Israel, including a very historic one with Teddy Kolleck, who was then mayor of Jerusalem! Some of my favorites are the on-the-road TV rallies from all over the USA. One very special Praise program came from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with E.V. Hill and Dr. James Kennedy – both in heaven now. How we do miss them!

So, how about it, dear partners? Shall we keep going, keep building? You know the best part – well, I mean the best part financially – is the cost. Paul Jr. and the techies estimate less than five million dollars! That’s a bargain for a TV station to reach the world with 10 NETWORKS! continued from cover… Yes, a bargain, since we have paid 30 to 50 million dollars for some of our 35 full power TV stations.

Dear partners, March is Praise-a-Thon® renewal month. Jan and I promise to do our best and are confident you will too. Remember, when God had a need – He planted a seed! And you and I are a part of God’s harvest! Say it with me: “THANK GOD FOR JESUS!” Yes, Jesus bought my soul from eternity in hell, to eternity in heaven!

Let’s all give a special “thank you” pledge and offering for Jesus – but also to take millions of souls with us to glory!

Jan and I love you, now, nearly 38 years long and strong! We’ll see you in the Rapture – if not before!

P.S. “That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west…I am the LORD, and there is none else.” Isa. 45:6

Guess what? The day is coming when we will not need these expensive tall TV towers. iTBN – the Internet network is coming!