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Happy 38th Dear TBN   >>


Did you know that YOU — YES, I SAID YOU — are spoken of in the Holy Bible?! If you are a partner of TBN you are a part of that great “company” that has “published” the word of God to the world! A better word for today would be that we together have and are proclaiming this glorious word to the ends of the world!

I think you know this, but buckle up — we have received some glorious news from Russia and Israel!

Who would have dreamed that Russia would be the key to reaching the “lost sheep” of the house of Israel?! Pastor Igor Nikitin, president of TBN Russia, brought us this report last March on Praise-a-Thon and with Paul Jr. on Behind the Scenes. Dear partners, read with me and shout the victory as we see our God fulfill a prophetic word through His TBN!

“Harken unto me [the Lord]…I will bring near my righteousness…[for] I will place salvation in Zion for Israel my glory”! Isa. 46:12-13

Listen and rejoice as Pastor Igor explains: “In Israel every fourth person is Jewish and speaks Russian. Many of them have received Jesus Christ as their Messiah because of TBN broadcasting there!”

We knew that Russian TBN programming was coming into Israel and we were highly honored to receive Lia Shemtov, a member of the Knesset, who brought an official letter thanking TBN for bringing our programming into Israel. But, what we just learned was that TBN Russia has established two TV production studios: one in Jerusalem and one in Tel Aviv! Pastor Igor went on to say, “Recently, TBN Russia started broadcasting from Israel. Now, live programs come right down from the center of Jerusalem with the Gospel to all our viewers in Israel and around the world!” We were also thrilled to hear some actual testimonies from viewers in Israel —

“Thanks to TBN, for the first time in history Messianic congregations hold praise and worship festivals and speak freely about Jesus Christ!”

Another Israeli viewer says it all:

“The Israeli people thirst to hear the Gospel since the door is now open”!

But, perhaps the most awesome word comes even from the government of Israel:

“The Israeli government sees TBN as their friend and highly esteems TBN as a vital part of the life of Israel.”

Finally, one minister of government, Mr. Stas Misezhnikov said it best of all:

“I would like to thank TBN. You are our partners. We appreciate your friendship and your part to build up Israel very much”!

Ah, dear partners, who could have dreamed that only after 38 years of plowing and planting would this harvest break open?

Yes, but get set for some even more dramatic reports from Israel. Paul Jr. and Pastor Igor are working now to bring a live fiber TV feed direct from the studio in Jerusalem. From the roof of the studio, Pastor Igor says we can see the Old City, including the Western Wall of prayer — some call it the Wailing Wall — where we still take your prayer needs there, thanks to my dear nephew, Rick Ridings, who leads a 24/7 prayer vigil for the peace and salvation of Jerusalem and Israel.

So, dear partners, let us pray ever more earnestly for Pastor Igor Nikitin. TBN Russia has now received responses from 160 countries of the world! Pastor Igor tells us that they receive over 900,000 phone calls per month! As a result, they have had to open up numerous call centers in several countries, especially in Russia which covers 11 time zones spanning the continent from Moscow to Siberia!

Finally, during his interview with Pastor Igor on Behind the Scenes, Paul Jr. asked him to give a word in his Russian language to America and those 160 nations that have Russian language viewers. The translation of Pastor Igor's message was as follows:

“I say that TBN is a wonderful soil and that you need to start sowing in TBN since many people need salvation, healing and other prayer needs. If people start sowing the seed God will definitely answer. I say it works in my life. It will work in yours!”

Paul Jr. then summed it all up: “Thank you is totally inadequate for those of you who have loved and supported your TBN these 38 awesome years!” He concluded, as I would have, by rejoicing that TBN now has satellite footprints to every inhabited spot on earth! By sponsoring ministries like TBN Russia, plus many others, we will not rest until every soul on earth can hear the Gospel. Oswald J. Smith, a great missionary statesman from Canada said —

“Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice until everyone has heard it at least once”!

Jan and I love you now 38 years long and strong! Let us know you are still with us, yes, to the end of this world (age). Also, say it out loud with me: