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Isa . 62:6-7 TLB

Oh, partners, Bible history is in the making! Yes, you and I, in fact all of us that love Jerusalem and TBN, can have a part in seeing this prophecy of Isaiah come to pass!

The glorious news — I can’t hold it any longer – our TBN partners in Russia have led the way in establishing a full TV production studio in the Old City of Jerusalem! Igor Nikitin, our station and network manager in Russia, has secured Israeli authority for this TV studio, but wonder of wonders, also the authority to secure a full 24/7 cable channel into virtually all the homes in Israel! Because we will be producing local programs in Israel we will have, in effect, a local TV station in Israel!

Dear partners, this is a miracle breakthrough that we have worked and prayed for since 1975, when Jan and I took our first TBN tour to Israel. You oldtimers will remember my many reports as I met with most of the prime ministers starting with Menachem Begin, who truly wanted to give us a TV station but was blocked by many opposing forces in the religious parties. But, now, with over 25% of Israel’s from Russia — the tide has turned and the door is open to a full channel with Russian and English language programs. But here is the even greater miracle: we will be allowed to insert Hebrew subtitles on some of the Russian programming!

Yes, dear partners, read and rejoice —
“Because I love Zion, because my heart yearns for Jerusalem, I will not cease to pray for her or to cry out to God on her behalf until she shines forth in his righteousness and is glorious in his salvation.” Isa. 62:1 TLB

We must pray and intercede for our partner, Igor Nikitin, who truly has led the way for this glorious breakthrough. He is a bishop with over 1,000 churches cooperating in Russia, but also in 21 countries around the world. They have contributed the funds for this TV studio and have begun to produce some of the local Israeli programs. Our TBN satellite, Hotbird 8, has been on for several years and reaches the small dishes in remote areas that cable cannot reach. So, between the two, Israel is truly covered! Praise the Lord!

Here is where TBN USA comes in. Many of you know and remember that we purchased a large TBN studio building in St. Petersburg. From this studio and office building, TBN-Russia has mushroomed into a true TV network covering the eleven time zones of mother Russia! We also helped place TV dishes in virtually all the prisons of Russia. Now, Jan’s Smile of a Child network is being placed in the orphanages of Russia. How strange that in a country, which for years was our enemy, there is now more religious liberty than what we have here at home. It’s permitted to pass out Bibles to schools and children in Russia — but try that in Washington, D.C.!

Here is what I have committed to the Israel TV project: a monthly contract for the 24/7 TV cable channel reaching the homes of Israel. I have spoken about this on several of our Behind the Scenes programs. Many of you have enthusiastically responded. Thank you! How God will surely bless you for this historic fulfillment of Bible prophecy. We are well on the way, but still need more pledges and gifts. I know we can count on all of you, our TBN partners.

Fulfilled Bible prophecy? Oh, yes! God knew us two thousand years ago. He knew that we would be a part of blessing His covenant people, the Jews:
“Never again shall you be called ‘The Godforsaken Land’…. Your new name will be ‘The Land of God’s Delight’ and [‘Beulah Land’] or ‘The Bride’ [of Christ].” Isa. 62:4 TLB/KJV

And let’s not forget my dear nephew Rick Ridings who, for several years, has kept a prayer vigil ministry in Israel. He and his companions continue with a 24/7 prayer chain for the peace of Jerusalem on Mount Zion near the Western or Wailing Wall. We have the joy of helping with a monthly love gift for this effort, also a prophetic fulfillment as they literally —
“Give him [God] no rest…till he make Jerusalem a praise in [all] the earth.” Isa. 62:7 KJV

We rejoiced last month as we celebrated TBN’s 38th anniversary. Yes, on May 28, 1973, that first little flickering TV picture flashed ON THE AIR! I guess I should have said it whimpered on the air! But from acorns, mighty oaks do grow! Thanks to you, our blessed TBN partners, this great Voice now thunders from 77 mighty satellites and over 20,000 affiliated TV stations, cables and countless little dishes around the world — and this year FROM JERUSALEM! Jan and I love you now 38 years long and strong!

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat greeted Pastor Igor Nikitin at a special gathering of TBN-Russia partners by the Western Wall in the Old City.

Paul and Jan at TBN-Russia’s St. Petersburg studio with Pastor Igor Nikitin. TBN-Russia broadcasts to Russian speaking audiences in 160 nations—and now in Israel!

Pastor Igor led hundreds of faithful TBN viewers as they marched through the main streets of Jerusalem wearing TBN-Russia teeshirts and hats.

A beautiful TBN-Russia/Israel banner greets visitors at the entrance of the Jerusalem studio. Oren Levari (pictured with Pastor Igor), is the director of the Jerusalem TV studio.

Pastor Igor, his wife Victoria and Pastor Levari on the set of the Jerusalem studio. Programs are already being produced and aired around the world from this strategic location.

In appreciation of TBN, many banners like these were hung on walls and walkways throughout Jerusalem. Who would have dreamed the day would come that TBN-Russia and TBN would be welcomed to the Old City of Jerusalem and all of Israel?