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Hallelujah - We Win!   >>

"For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil." 1 John 3:8

I have borrowed a glorious truth from Paul Billheimer’s book, Destined for the Throne, because the Holy Spirit has directed me to talk to you today about spiritual warfare! I’m going to shock you with this word right up front: The trouble with most Christians’ warfare is that they don’t do enough talking to the devil! I can already hear the gasps of the heretic hunters. Even some of you, my partners, may feel that this doesn’t sound just right, but let me explain.

First of all, let’s get honest and let’s get real! Many churches, denominations, even theological seminaries do not even believe or teach that there is a real devil! The thought of an honest to goodness, actual, real, personal devil is explained away in many ways. “Evil is just the absence of good — at least the absence of God.” Some of the “religious” folks are not too sure of a real, personal God either. Remember the “God is dead” theory that circulated among the religious eggheads many years ago?

I have to confess with sorrow that even the Pentecostal bible college I graduated from in 1955 taught me very little about a real, evil personality and even less about how to combat him in the Spirit. The thought of taking spiritual authority over the devil and defeating him in this life was just simply not dealt with. We had to wait for Jesus to come back to rescue His beat-up, battledscarred, “hold out faithful to the end” saints in some kind of a hostage rescue crusade! Think back for a minute, especially you oldtime Fundamentalist, Evangelical, Catholic, or even Pentecostal denominational saints. Were you ever taught that you could actually combat evil spirits and even the devil himself, take authority over him, repossess what he had stolen from you, make him pay back double for all his thievery, and even cast him out in Jesus’ name? Precious few, I’ll venture.

“So, Paul, what do you mean when you say that most Christians don’t do enough ‘talking to the devil’?”

I will never forget precious Paul Billheimer’s testimony on this subject several years ago. Dad and Mom Billheimer spent their last days at TBN, writing about and teaching us how to pray and do battle in the Spirit. Dad was a lifelong Wesleyan Methodist and told me many fascinating stories of the great revivals that flowed through the ministry of John Wesley and his brother Charles. Dad also told me that as he began writing his classic book, Destined for the Throne, all hell broke loose on him and it was then that God taught him the principal key to spiritual warfare. By the way, his book, with a foreword by Billy Graham, has influenced my life more than any other, except for the Bible. We have reprinted it as our love gift for this month of July. Believe me, you will treasure it just as Jan and I do. Brace yourself, because your VICTORY is just ahead! Dad went on to tell me the Scripture God taught him from was found in Revelation:

“And they overcame him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” Rev. 12:11

He went on to explain that he knew Jesus’ cross and precious blood won the victory over Satan and all evil spirits, but was not sure for some time what, “the word of their testimony” really meant. He, like most of us, relate a “testimony” to standing up in a church meeting and thanking the Lord for salvation or some other blessing received. But the time came, Dad said, when the Holy Spirit revealed that the “testimony” spoken of in Revelation 12:11 was a word of command spoken directly to the evil one himself! He told me that his first thought of this actually produced great fear in his heart! He, too, had never been taught much about spiritual warfare, but when he finally worked up enough courage to say out loud, “Satan, I bind you, I command you, in JESUS’ NAME and by the VICTORY of JESUS’ BLOOD” — things changed dramatically! I will never forget the smile that came to his face, nor the twinkle in his eyes, as he told of the great relief that came to his spirit and of the spiritual victories that began to flow in his and Mom’s lives!

I could tell you many more stories that Dad shared with me that day, but better that you read Destined for the Throne, especially the chapter that tells where Jesus was and what He was doing those three days and nights while His body lay in the tomb! WOW — talk about a VICTORY!

I can also testify that the religious heretic hunters, who still deny the supernatural, have reached Jan and me too late! You see, we, too, have spoken to the devil!

I will never forget that night, late in the evening after the Praise the Lord program had ended. My son Matthew came racing into the office where Jan and I had retired to finish a few business matters. He was ashen and wide-eyed! “MOM, DAD, COME QUICK! There’s a crazy woman on the floor of the prayer chapel. She is screaming and cursing and foaming at the mouth!” Jan and I dropped our work and ran to the chapel. The chilling sight I saw will be frozen like a photograph in the recesses of my memory till the day I die! Six or eight strong men could scarcely restrain a small five foot plus woman. When she saw Jan and me approaching, she broke all restraints, turned her head nearly all the way backwards and in a guttural male voice said, “I HATE YOU!” Thank God, by then I had learned some of the secrets of spiritual warfare. I said, “Satan, I hate you, too, and COMMAND YOU to loose this woman, in the NAME of JESUS!”

For several hours we literally wrestled with evil spirits as we and many of our prayer partners will remember. Many evil spirits came screaming out of this tiny woman who, we learned later, came from a long line of Buddhist healers. One evil spirit identified itself as the “spirit of deafness.” As it left, her little daughter standing nearby, who had been deaf, was instantly healed and her ears were opened! So, there’s “no devil” you say? I wish every heretic hunter could have been there to witness that sight. Months later I met her pastor who witnessed to me that this lady was completely delivered and teaching a Sunday school class!

Of course the heretic hunters continue to attack other ministries who also speak to the evil spirits and command them to “BE GONE” in the name of JESUS! Yes, just as in Jesus’ day, it is the religious bigots who seek to discredit and destroy signs, wonders and miracles.

And here is one you probably have never thought about!

Just as in Jesus’ day, the religious scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites could not stop Him. They had to get the help of the civil authorities to kill Him. In the same way, today, they still seek out the help of “Pilate.” The government “Pilates,” the media “Pilates” and the judicial “Pilates” of our day do the dirty work they do not have the power to do! So, say it with me, partners —

“I bind you, satan, in the name of Jesus Christ, Son of the living God!”

Oh, beloved partners, you do not have to let the evil one have your children! He does not have the right to put sickness on you! If he has stolen what is yours, take it back in JESUS’ name! Remember: We overcome the devil by the BLOOD and the WORD! Words are the KEYS to the Kingdom. Speak them boldly. Jesus has given us that right and authority:

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19

Your TBN is exploding as never before! We just passed 20,000 cable and TV station affiliates worldwide! More than 70 great satellite footprints now cover the world! And, now, TBN is taking the Gospel to the world not only through TV, but now via TBN Mobile! People worldwide can access all 18 of TBN’s family of networks — including iTBN, our new video-on-demand archive of all TBN programs — through Android devices, iPhones, iPads, and other mobile platforms. Praise the Lord! The battles wax hot! Government agencies, lawsuits, high court decisions, lying media charges . . . but PRAISE GOD — WE WIN!

Pray for Jan and me and YOUR TBN as never before. Do not take this miracle of Christian TV for granted! The Christians in Canada have lost some of their TV rights. It is now against the law there to speak against sexual perversion as recorded in the book of Leviticus!

Jan and I will be praying and agreeing with you as you TAKE BACK what’s yours in Jesus’ name! Remember: WE WIN — HALLELUJAH!

Paul at the TBN-Asia offices in Manila, Philippines.

Paul, Matt & Laurie with TBN-Asia's operations manager, Tony Flores in Manila, Philippines.