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Around the World!   >>


"Send us around the world with the news of Your saving power and Your eternal plan for all mankind. How everyone throughout the earth will praise the Lord!" Psalm 67:2 TLB

Do you remember the old hit song and movie, Around the World in 80 Days? Well, we did it in about 50 days! Yes, it was time for this old man to personally review this great Voice that God has and is continuing to raise up around the world!

King David concludes Psalm 67, verse 5 with:


Our odyssey began with a stop in the "Eternal City" — yes we truly see why "Rome was not built in a day"! We rejoiced that TBN's first international network is still ON THE AIR, covering the entire Italian speaking world with a word that God gave us many years ago:

"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings . . . that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth." Isa. 52:7

From Rome to JERUSALEM! Oh, what joy overwhelmed my soul as I got to see — YES, SEE — the glory of God cover the land of God's promise! For nearly the full 40 years of TBN's history, Jan and I have worked, prayed and met with one prime minister after another — to no avail! But now, with Russian support, the SHALOM CHANNEL is bringing the glory of God's Messiah to the land of the Bible! Stay tuned for more . . . !

From Jerusalem to DUBAI!

WOW! Can the Gospel really go into a Muslim stronghold? Touch someone and stay "YES!" Praise God, we met with pastors who are raising up megachurches. Yes, the church is alive and well in forbidden places of the world — just as Jesus said:

"This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations . . . ." Matt. 24:14

From Dubai to India and the seventh Wonder of the World — the Taj Mahal. I did not know that the Taj Mahal had been converted into a Muslim mosque. So imagine my joy in standing beside it to record a report about the TRUE AND LIVING GOD! Praise God, thanks to satellite, little dishes and cable, India's one billion plus souls will soon be covered with the GOOD NEWS! As we have shown you on the Behind the Scenes program, one satellite dish can feed many TV sets to cover a village or community with TBN 24/7! And now, thanks to the Internet, i-Pads, computers, and smart phones we reach virtually EVERYONE!

So do you remember the old saying, "If you could drill a hole through the earth you would come up in China"? Well, from India it is only a couple of hours by air to Hong Kong! I rejoiced to recall a powerful word of prophecy from our sister in Christ, Aquilla Nash, that God was opening a door to China! Yes, it was "JOY UNSPEAKABLE AND FULL OF GLORY" (1 Peter 1:8) as three generations of Crouches rode the train to Guangzhao, China watching TBN on Matt's smart phone. Then a few days later from our Asia headquarters in Manila, Philippines, we watched a young man subtitle the Praise the Lord program into Mandarin Chinese! Glory be to God — CHINA IS OPEN! Watchman Nee is watching from heaven and rejoicing!

While in Manila, we taped a report from our satellite dish farm. Dishes large and small send the TBN Family of Networks to all of Asia and to the "land down under" — Australia, New Zealand and the islands of the seas!

Next stop: GUAM! After World War II, Uncle Sam kept this little dot out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But what a surprise! This little dot turned out to look like a miniature New York City! While there we met with a Christian brother who happened to be the chief justice of the Supreme Court for this U.S. territory. There was even more good news: everyone is on cable or dish, so Matt's smart phone, iPad and computer, plus the judge's TV set all got — you heard me — TBN!

Last stop — Honolulu, Hawaii — where KAAH-TV Channel 27 is doing just fine with cable must carry. Praise the Lord! Matt and I recorded a Behind the Scenes program for you, and Laurie checked the station's housekeeping for Jan! Yes, our angel station manager, Cheryl Witbeck, is keeping your TV studio spic and span! I always like to remember that we bought that small building, which had been used as a porno theater, and after casting the devil out of it we converted it into a neat TV studio and master control.

Then home again with nothing but GOOD NEWS! Our presidents give us their State of the Union address each January. I think I can properly call this our TBN State of the World address!

So, at 78 your old man made it around the world one more time! I went ahead and reminded us about my age — if I didn't Matt would have done it anyway! You know, I had forgotten just how big the old Pacific Ocean is. Talk about "water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink"! It also amazes me as to how our pilots can find those "little dots" of land in that vast body of water. Someone once said that Guam is not the jumping off place, but you can see it from there!

As you read this newsletter in August, we will be on our way to the great 40th year anniversary! Jan and I can never find adequate words to express our love for you and the many ways you support your TBN!

One final report: Every bill is paid and on time, and TBN still has no capital debt. However, those satellite and other bills do keep coming! By the time you get this newsletter we will be celebrating 19 NETWORKS in many languages. Read them and SHOUT THE VICTORY in Jesus' name! Then say it with me —


P.S. Buckle up! After 40 the REAL BATTLES began for Joshua and the children of Israel! Where will our battles take us?


"HELLO ASIA!" The Crouches joined Tony Flores in the TBN-Asia satellite uplink center.


Around the World one more time...!

Matt, Paul, Tony Flores and Laurie discussing TBN-Asia’s outreaches, which covers all of Asia, as well as Australia, New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific from its satellite uplink center based in Manila, Philippines.

Paul, Matt and Laurie brought a glorious report on Behind the Scenes from Jerusalem.

Paul, Rick Ridings and staff members at Succat Hallel praying over prayer requests sent by TBN.

Paul in Jerusalem with Rick Ridings of Succat Hallel (Hebrew for Tabernacle of Praise), a 24/7 house of prayer in Jerusalem.

Matt in South Sudan with Vice President Riek Mashar.

Paul watches while one of the translators translates a Praise the Lord program into Mandarin.

Matt, Paul and TBN-Italy operations manager, Chuck Hall

South Sudan: Matt and the team with one of the solar operated satellite receiving systems that TBN will be sending to cities and villages throughout the country. (Pictured left to right): Andre & Jenny Roebert (TBN-Africa), Gary Everett (Lighthouse TV Uganda), Leo Slingerland (Family TV Kenya), and Dr. Raafat Girgis (The Healing Channel)

Paul with Dr. Raafat Girgis in Dubai