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God Save The Queen!   >>

“Unto Him that loved us . . . And hath made us kings and priests unto God and His Father . . . And we shall reign on the earth”! REV. 1:5-6, & 5:10

WOW! I have just seen some of the most soul stirring pageantry on earth! The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace in London, England must be seen to be believed! Red uniformed soldiers march in lockstep maneuvers. The Royal Guard marching band, led by the multi-horse cavalry, all moving with breathtaking precision is enough to leave one in weak-kneed awe! So, I am certain that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II feels perfectly safe and secure. Ah, but we have a most awesome CHRISTMAS GIFT for the Queen and all of Great Britain — in fact for all of the continent of Europe — far more important than even the marching band with the changing of the guard! So buckle up . . . .

We have just closed escrow on a property more — yes more — IMPORTANT than Buckingham Palace! Certainly more important spiritually in every way! This property is a spacious building with room for three or more television production studios for English, Arabic, Farsi, and even other foreign language programming! We know that Her Majesty will be pleased because we have known for some time of her strong faith in Christ. She is quoted as having said in a national address: “We need men of God today who will preach warning of the wrath and judgment of God to come, but wrapped in His love and great mercy.” Jan and I had the honor of meeting Queen Elizabeth some years ago on the island nation of Nevis and to tell her of TBN’s TV station on that Commonwealth of Great Britain!

Why these foreign languages in England so far from the Middle East and other parts of the world? Ah, I’m glad you asked. We have learned there are large colonies of Arab, Iranian and other ethnic groups who have fled from the persecution and danger of Moslem nations to find sanctuary and freedom in England. Praise God, not only can we reach them freely with the Gospel, but it is just as important to give the Christian Arabs and others a powerful voice back into these Moslem strongholds without fear or favor! Praise the Lord! And, the best news of all: THEY CAN’T KEEP US OUT! Yes, by satellite, and now streaming into the Internet, the glorious good news of the Gospel floods many nations that would kill us if we tried to preach Jesus inside their borders!

So, Merry, Merry Christmas to the royal family and all of England, Europe and the Moslem world! And, yes, we sincerely say, “God save the Queen,” but with the blessed knowledge that God has, indeed, already saved the Queen! Praise the Lord!

Now the exciting work begins, indeed has already begun. The main studio will resemble to some degree our great New York studio. The European partners are so anxious to see more English and continental programming with audience seating and live participation! The Arabic programmers look forward to live feeds to the Middle East with live telephone call-ins! So, blessed TBN partners, put TBNE (Trinity Broadcasting of Europe) high on your prayer list. Also, the cost to create three new studios begins! The GOOD NEWS: the building is paid for. Yes, you OWN a piece of London, England. Hallelujah!

New lights, cameras, action — you name it — are on order. The cost? I do not know for sure, but I promise old fiscal forever Paul is still at the helm! We will stretch your dollars, now, Euros, to the max! Jan is already looking over the sets and décor. Matt and company will help oversee and work with our manager, Richard Fleming and staff.

Glory be to God, as we move on into our 40th year of battle, 20, yes count them, 20 great network VICTORIES!

So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night — we love you 40 years long and strong! And, as always — Happy Birthday Jesus!

P.S. Hello, London—your new studio is under construction. Get ready for a great dedication service next year!

Paul and Matt taped Behind the Scenes with the new London studio property in the background.

Paul, Matt, and Laurie led the way as the group toured the future headquarters of TBN-Europe.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!
Merry Christmas to YOU, our wonderful TBN Family!
Thank you for loving, praying for and supporting YOUR TBN.