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To Jerusalem with Love!   >>

“O Lord, you have chosen Jerusalem as your home: ‘This is my permanent home where I shall live,’ you said, ‘for I have always wanted it this way.’” Psalms 132:13 TLB

Hallelujah! I feel a little bit like Simeon the prophet, who lifted up the infant Jesus and said: “Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace . . . . For mine eyes have seen thy salvation!” Luke 2:29-30 KJV

I am not a prophet, but to claim a piece of Jerusalem for TBN is a dream come true! Yes, dear partners, it is true — you have surely heard our shouts of victory on Behind the Scenes and Praise — your TBN studio and land is ours in Jesus’ name! From this four story building you can almost touch Mt. Zion, Mt. Moriah and the Mt. of Olives; but for good measure, God gave us a piece of Mt. Givat Hananiah, which in Hebrew means THE HILL OF GRACE! Oh, but there is more! When the dividing line was drawn marking East and West Jerusalem, the line went through the middle of our property! By the way, the line was drawn by Israel’s famous one eyed general, Moshe Dyan.

Do you see it? Yes, with one arm we have reached out to the Jews and with the other arm, the Arabs! Both need Jesus. Together we will give them HIS salvation! Renovations are now underway to create a high tech TV studio to make Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and English programs, which will reach cable and satellite dish households in all of Israel! Praise the Lord!

It is hard for me to stop rejoicing for Jerusalem and all Israel; but as usual, I try to give you the glorious news from our reporting stations worldwide. I could bore you to tears with statistics from nearly every nation on earth! I will not do that — but rejoice with me that this old man was taken by son, Matt and his wife, Laurie, around the world TWICE in 2012! From London, England to Hong Kong, China, to the Taj Mahal in India, to St. Petersburg, Russia, to (as I said) Jerusalem, to Rio de Janeiro . . . to more places than I have paper and pen to contain!

So, let me at least give you the mountain peak highlights of 2012.

First stop: London. Your new studio for Europe is under full renovation! England and Europe cried for more local and continental programming. While there we learned that there were many Arabs who had fled the Moslem Middle East for England. So, the new studio will not only produce programming for England and Europe, but will also host Arabic and Farsi language programming.

Spain: Your TBN has purchased ten new TV stations, plus satellite, to cover this whole nation!

WOW — are you tired yet? How about India? 200 satellite dishes a month are going to homes, churches, orphanages, etc. for a total of 3,600 over about one half of India.

On the Asian side of the world — virtually all of the Philippine Islands and China are covered with the Gospel. Too many dishes and satellites to begin naming. Go south to Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and the islands of the sea — like Fiji and Tonga.

So, hold on. We’re almost home. And speaking of home, buckle up for one last leap!

TBN USA: TBN, the Church Channel, JCTV, Smile of a Child (yes, Jan), plus the Enlace Spanish language network all added to (catch a breath): OVER 230,000,000 — that’s over 230 million households! Your eyes would glaze over if I broke them all out per network! Oh, I will mention Enlace with 14 million new viewers just this year for a total of 34 million in the U.S.A. alone! I can’t even begin to list the number of viewers in South and Central America — you would not make it!

Russia and the Baltic States: TBN is on three satellites to cover this huge region of eleven time zones with TV stations, cable and satellite dishes too numerous to count!

TBN Africa: South Africa, Namibia and Uganda are still on and growing. Kenya, East Africa has launched a whole new regional satellite network covering all of Central and East Africa. Recently, President Museveni of Uganda hosted a gathering of about fifty presidents from the continent, including the new president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi. All were introduced to TBN! We are already on in Tanzania with five of our 24/7 networks. And I nearly forgot South Sudan where satellite dishes and electric generators are going in from Kenya!

One last glorious note — TBN 2nd Chance to American prisons: 53 new ones this past year for a grand total of 871 correctional facilities carrying TBN, the Church Channel and Enlace! As a final note, we finally made it to Folsom Prison in California — yes, Johnnie Cash, your Folsom Prison is not so blue anymore! Oh, yes, one more: the infamous San Quentin State Prison for a grand total of — well, I already told you — 871 prisons in over one half of all U.S.A. prisons. So let’s keep going! Amen?

Yes, from Jerusalem to San Quentin — that’s quite a leap — yes?

Oh, how Jan and I wish we could take your hand, look into your beautiful eyes and tell you how much we love you, need you and desire God’s best for you. Please don’t ever stop writing with your sweet testimonies and needs. Some day we will have that great meeting “just inside the Eastern Gate over there”!

YOUR TBN Studio in Jerusalem!

It's ’thumbs up’ from the balcony of YOUR TBN studio in Jerusalem!

Paul, Matt and John Casoria discussed plans for the Jerusalem studio.

Paul signed the documents for the new studio building.

Paul received a commendation from the Mayor of Bethlehem, the Honorable Dr. Victor Batarseh.

Joseph Prince joined Paul and Matt for Behind the Scenes from Mt. Givat Hananiah — the Hill of Grace — where TBN’s Jerusalem studio is located.

Paul was the guest of honor at a special banquet with Christian leaders in Bethlehem.

Paul greeted Bishop Theophanis from the Jerusalem Orthodox Patriarchate.