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His Voice Shall Be Heard!   >>

“And the Lord shall cause his glorious voice to be heard, and shall show the lighting down of his arm with the indignation of his anger, and with the flame of a devouring fire . . . .” ISA 30:30 KJV


Men and women of God, those who live and walk in the Spirit of the living God, are bearing witness by the hundreds and thousands that this present evil age is coming to a close. Planet earth is racing to its rendezvous with destiny! Reports are coming in from around the world through prophetic words of knowledge, dreams, visions, appearances of angels, and apparitions of Jesus and other heavenly visitors that are heralding the end of the age.

“Children, it is the final hour: Just as you heard that the Antichrist was coming, so now many such antichrists have appeared. This makes us certain that it is the final hour.” 1 Jn. 2:18

While many of these reports come to us from around the world, Jan and I can speak of several encounters firsthand.

Many of our partners have heard our testimony of the beautiful lady who appeared to us in St. Petersburg, Russia. We had just come from the mayor’s office, where we had been given tentative approval to establish our first TV station in Russia. As we headed toward the airport, we spied a giant statue of Lenin on the large plaza in front of a government building. Our party, consisting of our attorney and board member, Norm Juggert, my son Matthew, his wife Laurie, Jan, and myself, stopped to take pictures under the imposing statue of the father of Communism. As we prepared to move on, a very beautiful lady with long dark hair, wearing an unusual flowing garment, approached us. She handed Jan a perfect pink rose, smiled and said, “Thank you . . . thank you.” Jan thanked her for the rose, and then called out to Matthew to bring the camera back from the car to take a picture of our visitor. We turned our heads for only a moment or two, but when we turned back — our lady was gone! She could not have possibly made it back across the large empty plaza, the size of a football field, without our seeing her leave; but dear partners, Jan, Matt, Laurie, and I will testify that this had to be a heavenly visitor! Jan saw this remarkable lady two other times in the Moscow airport, where she gave a ‘thumbs up’ sign of approval before vanishing again as we prepared to sign on our first TV station!

Naturally, our Catholic brothers and sisters believe this person to be Mary, the mother of Christ. I do not know, since she did not identify herself to us, but before passing judgment, consider the following: In the 1980s, David du Plessis, father of modern Pentecostlism, visited Medjugorie, Yugoslavia, a major apparitional site, and concluded what he experienced was, “something extraordinary.” It was a revival, the likes of which he had given up seeing in his lifetime, and he spotted no “bad fruit.” The heavenly apparitions, concluded the great Charismatic leader, were “of God.”

I will ever know that God sent this heavenly visitor to us to encourage us through impossibly trying times, as we established the first Christian TV station in modern Russia! Jan still treasures her pink rose, which is now on display at TBN’s international headquarters in Costa Mesa, California.

In the past, God gave me two unusual and I believe prophetic dreams, which warn of impending persecution and yet of ultimate deliverance and victory! The first came while I was in Italy. In it, Jan and I were preparing for a terrible storm. We were in a tropical area with many palm trees, possibly Miami. As the storm approached, we were boarding up windows and in general “battening down the hatches”! It was a violent storm — trees bending to the ground before a full blown hurricane. In time, the winds abated, the storm passed, and as we finally dared to venture outside, my eyes beheld a most amazing apparition in the sky. From one end of heaven to the other was an ink-black, long cloud that looked like a serpent, but between the cloud and myself was a huge hand, evidently protecting us from the power of the storm. I will ever know that this great hand, filling half the sky, was the hand of our God who promised that He would never place more upon us than we are able to bear! Praise the Lord!

In another dream, a giant twister or tornado approached TBN as Jan and I and others prepared for the worst! But to our wonder and amazement, though the twister passed right through us, there was no harm or destruction at all! Again, the protecting hand of our God kept us. Praise God, dear partners, the “Fourth Man” is with us, even in the midst of the fiery furnaces. We, too, shall come through it all without even the smell of smoke on our garments! Praise the Lord!

Yes, dear partners, judgment is coming. If not, someone once said God would need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah! But the good news is: He will keep us, defend us, and give us as a light and witness to the nations of the world! Look at this awesome word of God:

“And there shall be upon every high mountain . . . rivers and streams of water . . . .” Isa. 30:25

Ah, dear partners, that is us! Rivers of living water are flowing from “high mountaintops” around the world! But read on —

“In the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.” Isa. 30:25

Yes, dear partners, this great lighthouse we call TBN beams brightly now! Praise God, it grows brighter and brighter as we raise towers on mountaintops and send the Good News at the speed of light. But the day fast approaches when God’s Word says, “the towers [will] fall”! Jesus said it best:

“The night cometh, when no man can work.” Jn. 9:4

Twenty-six great networks now blanket the globe, proclaiming the message of the Gospel in the languages of the nations! Over 80 international satellites — feeding over 18,000 cable and TV stations, plus countless direct-to-home satellite receiving dishes. TBN Mobile and the Internet are reaching millions more through smart phones and other mobile devices. The Jerusalem studio is under renovation and will soon be producing programs in Russian, Hebrew, and Arabic that will reach Israel and all the Middle East. Our new London studio is nearing completion — we will be dedicating it this November — it will be a major production center for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The Al-Horreya Arabic language network is taking the Gospel of Jesus to new areas of the world, including now all of North America and Australia! TBN is sending thousands of set top boxes to Tanzania. Thousands of satellite receiving dishes are going to India. TBN is helping the Enlace Spanish network with purchasing 1,500 satellite decoders for cable systems throughout Latin America.

Yes, judgment is coming, but God always sends mercy before judgment, and we are called of God to be the bearers of this GOOD NEWS!

Jan and I thank you, once again, with all our hearts, and send our love as always. Without YOU, there would be no TBN! Please join us one more time for a great week of revival Praise-a-Thon, November 3-10.

Yes, once again:

“The LORD shall cause his glorious voice to be heard”! Isa. 30:30

Paul, Dr. Raafat Girgis and Hazem Farraj on the Al-Horreya set.

Hello, London — Your new studio will be dedicated this November!