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What Do We Ask For Now?   >>


From TBN's studio overlooking the Mt. of Olives, Mt. Moriah, and Mt. Zion:
Matt, Laurie and the TBN team in Jerusalem.

Going back to Israel without my Dad was hard. But, Jerusalem is such an important part of continuing the vision to take the gospel to the world.

I can't think of the month of March without remembering the birthday of my sweet Daddy, Paul Crouch Sr. He would have been 80 this month. His vision was to take the gospel to the whole world via satellite. He may be gone from this earth, but his vision continues. The Trinity Family of Networks reaches vast numbers of souls with 26 great networks in 8 languages through television stations, satellite channels, cable systems, internet streaming, and video on demand!

One thing Dad loved to do each month was to personally write this main newsletter article. He'd write it by hand on a yellow legal pad — I can still see him doing it in my mind. We found this article from April 2009 and thought it'd be nice to give you an excerpt.

–Matt Crouch


"Ask, and it will be given to you... For every one who asks receives..." Matt. 7:7-8.

How would you like to have God offer "ANYTHING" to you simply for the asking? He will, you know—IF! In the spirit I can already hear your cry—"But I HAVE ASKED, I have SOUGHT, I have KNOCKED, but still no answer!" Believe me, I have been there too! But, hold on—a KEY to that unanswered prayer is coming—

This is a BIG ONE! From Jesus' own Word:

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness..." Matt. 6:33.

Wow! Here it is—take hold:

"And all these things shall be added to you" Matt. 6:33b.

"But I HAVE sought first the Kingdom of God. I'm saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit! And still no answer to that need, that life or death miracle!" Now, dear Partner, let us turn that KEY to that locked door once and for all!

So, what exactly is this "KINGDOM OF GOD" that we are to seek first? Very simply: THE ETERNAL LOST SOULS of humanity! Jesus said, again:

"For the Son of man has come to seek and to save that [souls] which was lost" Luke 19:10.

So, how do we win souls and bear fruit for God's Kingdom? The Holy Spirit will open any number of opportunities for you to be that witness which will bear fruit for the Kingdom. My angel Jan has told hundreds of her miracle healing from cancer! Many have come to faith because of it!

I never thought I'd be here without Paul. I always thought we'd go home together. I remember when I was diagnosed with cancer and was between life and death, God told me "you have a great big job to do here for the Kingdom." Now that job's even bigger, and there are challenges ahead, but there's nothing greater than reaching souls!

–Jan Crouch

One powerful way to bring souls into God's Kingdom is by supporting YOUR TBN! The moment you decide to call or pledge, you become an instant soul winner!

Papa Crouch's heartbeat was for souls. Watching his memorial service on TBN made the vision so clear and helped us all focus on exactly what we are to do. So, when he entered his rest we began our work.

–Laurie Crouch

TBN team in Helsinki welcoming Alfa TV staff to the Trinity Family of Networks.

In the studios of Alfa TV after first taping together.

Millions have come to the saving knowledge of Christ through the Trinity Family of Networks, and the outreach continues to grow — the Al Horreya network has expanded and now reaches Arabic speaking people on five continents, Life TV in Estonia has been added to the Hot Bird satellite — reaching Russian speaking people in Europe, Russia and the Middle East, and Now TV in Hong Kong, a cable system with over 1,200,000 households, is now carrying TBN Asia!

Paul and Jan with Hannu Haukka at his Helsinki Studio in 1990.

So what do we ask for? SOULS! And what will we receive? Precious souls joining the family of God! But there's more — God also promises to meet our needs and to give us the desires of our heart. Join us this month in continuing and expanding the vision of Paul Crouch — taking the gospel to a lost and needy world.

More exciting news is on the way — the Urdu language JCTV network covering Pakistan and Central Asia, and a new network in Finland. Look for these complete stories next month!

Continuing the Vision with Your Prayers and Love,

The Crouch Family


Hannu Haukka and Matt at Alfa TV's tower in Helsinki

How much do we love Finland? We went there in the middle of winter, and yes, it was cold!