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A Light Will Shine   >>

Top: BEHIND THE SCENES 2013. Dr. Paul Crouch with
Pastor Javed Rauf,


A Light Will Shine...

"The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine."

– Isaiah 9:2 NLT

"The fact that we are able to have Christian television in Pakistan is a miracle of miracles."
Paul Crouch: Behind the Scenes June 2013

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a nation of about 190 million people. Over 96 percent of its population is Muslim and only about 2 percent are Christian. According to a January 14, 2014, report by the Pew Research Center Pakistan has, "the highest level of social hostilities involving religion" in the world. It is one of the most antagonistic regions on earth to the Gospel. Christians are frequently the target of hostilities by religious extremists and endure many forms of persecution ranging from discrimination in jobs, education, and housing to violent mob attacks, destruction of churches, homes, personal property, and imprisonment. Many have paid the cost for serving Jesus with their lives.

Yet in this spiritually dark place, God raised up a light to reach the nation with the message of His love.

While in prayer in 2002, Pastor Javed Rauf of River of God Ministries in Lahore, Pakistan was inspired by the Holy Spirit to start Jesus Christ Television — the JCTV-Pakistan television network — Pakistan’s first Christian television channel to broadcast 24/7 in the Urdu language. Pastor Javed was driven by a burden to reach the people of Pakistan with the Good News of Jesus, "We know the power of God. God loves this nation. I believe that the whole nation can be saved. 190 million people can be saved by the grace of God and the love of God."

April 4, 2004, marked JCTV-Pakistan’s first broadcast on a cable system that reached a small Christian area of Lahore. The new network’s beginnings were humble and they faced many hardships. In 2008 their studios were vandalized by religious extremists who destroyed cameras and television equipment. Through the help of TBN’s partners, the equipment was replaced and JCTV-Pakistan was quickly back on the air. Last year, after an entire Christian neighborhood—200 homes— was burned down, three JCTV-Pakistan production staff members were arrested and jailed for several days because they covered a protest march by the Christians in the area. Pastor Javed shared, "It seems very difficult and sometimes impossible to preach in a place where there is no supporting environment for Christianity . . . . I experienced that it is the most daring decision to preach in a place like the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I strongly believe when the Holy Spirit tells you to go and preach, no hurdles and obstacles can stand before you. I have personal experience when the Holy Spirit told me to start Jesus Christ Television in Pakistan. It seemed impossible, but not for our Heavenly Father."

Eventually, JCTV-Pakistan was added to two more cable systems, which enabled them to cover about 5 million people in two major cities. Pastor Javed did not give up on the vision and calling that the Lord gave him to reach all of Pakistan, but in order for that to happen he needed a second satellite uplink. The problem: JCTV-Pakistan did not have the resources to pay for any more satellite time. In June of 2013, Pastor Javed traveled to the U.S for a meeting with Dr. Crouch and Matt. During an interview with Dr. Crouch on a Behind the Scenes program, he spoke about the opportunity to cover the entire nation of Pakistan with the Gospel. Dr. Crouch's response was, "How can we say no to an open door of opportunity . . . and even more so in Pakistan." Then he asked TBN’s partners if they would support this new ministry endeavor. The vote was an overwhelming "yes" as our partners agreed in faith and phoned in their pledges to support buying air time on the ABS-1 satellite for JCTVPakistan. Pastor Javed returned to Pakistan with the great news, and in November JCTVPakistan, part of the Trinity Family of Networks, marked its launch on ABS-1 with a glorious time of celebration and praise.

"We have heard news of the tremendous persecution of Christians in this officially Muslim nation, and yet miraculously, we’re seeing an amazing expansion of Christian TV in Pakistan. We’re excited to partner in this important outreach and witness the harvest God brings out of it." — Matt Crouch

Because of the support of TBN and its partners, JCTV-Pakistan now covers not only all of Pakistan, but the entire Indian sub-continent and parts of Africa and Europe as well. That's important because there are 300 million Urdu/Hindi language speakers in India and millions more in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. All together that's more than half a BILLION people now able to receive 24/7 Christian programming in their own language. Pastor Javed reports “the Holy Spirit has done a great work,” as JCTV-Pakistan receives numerous calls and emails from viewers in Pakistan, India, and different parts of the Middle East whose lives have been changed forever because of Jesus.

Please remember to cover Pastor Javed and the team at JCTV-Pakistan in prayer. Let’s agree in faith with them that not only Pakistan, but all of the nations of the Middle East will be changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, please remember to send in your love gift and pledge to TBN. The Trinity Family of Networks reaches vast numbers of souls with 28 great networks in 10 languages through television stations, satellite channels, cable systems, internet streaming and video on demand! It is because of your faithful support and partnership with TBN that we are able to expand and reach the world with God’s message of love and salvation.

The Crouch Family

Matt with Pastor Javed.

Javed Rauf and his father, Dr. Rauf Sabir, presenting a plaque to Senator Kamran Michael, Federal Minister for Ports & Shipping.

Praise and worship — along with fireworks and confetti — marked the festivities as JCTV-Pakistan joyfully celebrated its launch on the ABS-1 satellite this past November.

Pastor Javed Rauf

JCTV-Pakistan studio in Lahore — Pakistan's second largest city.