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The Lord replied: ‘Look, and be amazed! You will be astounded at what I am about to do! For I am going to do something in your own lifetime that you will have to see to believe." Habakkuk 1:5 (TLB)

As I write this letter to you from my hotel room in the ancient city of Madras, India, I have literally SEEN the beginnings of this prophecy! Only hours ago, with many great Christian leaders, I stood before a host of precious Indian souls—nearly half a million I am told—as we sent a great prayer and praise service, LIVE VIA SATELLITE, to you and the entire TBN network worldwide! This was the very first such broadcast event in the history of India.

Surely the Apostle Thomas rejoiced to see the city, where he gave his very life for the Gospel, visited again with the mighty power of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we all rejoiced to see thousands stand to "confess before men" their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

India is a land of millions of gods. Even in my hotel I was amazed to see statues of heathen gods in the lobby with offerings of fresh flowers laid daily at their feet! How my heart aches to tell them of the one true and living God —yes, the unknown God that Paul preached to the Greeks on Mars Hill.

Well, dear partners—the GOOD NEWS I bring today is this: another great beachhead has been landed on the shores of India! Yes, India with over one billion souls, second only to China in world population.

Many of you will remember we came to India two years ago. We worked hard and invested much blood, sweat, and tears as the TBN network was fed into cable stations all over India. Many of you gave, along with Jan and me, as satellite equipment was donated to these cable stations for the express purpose of receiving TBN 24 hours a day. But, as always, the evil one struck again! Those that we had placed our faith and resources in, turned against us and used them for their own gain. Our attorneys say we could win a case in court, but my spirit says "NO!" We will turn this matter over to the GREAT ADVOCATE! Praise God, He has never lost a case! He will, as always:

"CAUSE THE WRATH OF MAN TO PRAISE HIM" (Psalm 76:10)! Praise the Lord!

And so, we BEGIN AGAIN in India and this time hundreds of Christian leaders, pastors, and bishops will be our partners. As I spoke to many of them with the assistance of Dr. K.A. Paul, a great Indian evangelist, the enthusiasm was greatly evident. They, and our staff of TBN, have begun the attack with a holy vengeance! Every station in India will be visited! The Gospel SHALL GO FORTH, not to a few, but to ALL INDIA—in Jesus’ name!

Come on dear Partners—PRAY, PRAY—millions of souls are at stake. "Multitudes, multitudes" are in the "valley of decision" (Joel 3:14), and we have the KEY to their hearts!


Praise God—claim this word of the Lord NOW! If Reinhard Bonnke can claim that, "ALL AFRICA SHALL BE SAVED," let us add, "AND ALL INDIA, TOO!"

And why stop even there—God is giving your TBN the power and technology to reach our whole wide world! Remember my "HELLO WORLD" word of faith? Well, dear partners, we are almost there! Much of our world is listening. Recently, in my hotel room in Italy, I was watching TBN. In Egypt the Christian leaders I spoke to confirmed that virtually all Egypt is watching. England is watching, much of Russia is watching, France is watching—dear Father, even as we landed on the island of Bermuda in the middle of the Atlantic ocean—there we were—in my hotel room on Channel 13!

Praise God, I’m not "about to get happy" as I used to say; I AM VERY HAPPY, as I see with my own eyes the glory of God pouring through TV screens around the world.

One of the greatest thrills was a couple of years ago in the old city of Jerusalem. My bus driver, Muhammad, said, "Paul, I’m watching you on TV." I thought maybe some tapes had been sent, but he insisted, "NO, on live TV. Come and see." He led me up to a small apartment and there sat his two precious children watching Gina Thompson tell a Bible story on "Kids Club"!

Are we finished? No—India shall be "BORN AGAIN." China is on the brink. I have poured much of my recent efforts into meeting the ambassadors and officials in Beijing. A prophecy was given to me that in "THREE YEARS" China will open to TBN. Nearly two years have passed! Pray for China—yes, "China TOO shall be saved"!

Yes, as the great song proclaims, "THESE ARE THE DAYS OF ELIJAH." The forerunners, the messengers proclaiming HIS COMING are everywhere! Praise the Lord!

But let me leave you with a glorious truth the Holy Spirit quickened to me recently. We have all read the words of Jesus about the Harvest:

"Say not four months and then cometh the harvest…" (John 4:35).

Every missionary loves to preach how "the fields are white unto harvest," etc., and rightly so. But as I read on, this word leaped off the page:


Wow! God has a PAYCHECK for all of us who will help thrust in that great sickle called Christian Television! Oh, the critics will attack again and call us all heretics, but what’s new? I think all of us are mature enough in the Lord to know that we give first and foremost because we want to save lost souls from an eternal hell. But, if that is the ONLY reason, why did Jesus promise WAGES to those who REAP?

Of course, the heresy hunters will contend that those wages will only be received as our reward in heaven, but as I showed you last month, Jesus made it clear that anyone who has given for the sake of the Gospel—

SHALL RECEIVE…NOW IN THIS TIME, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers…and lands," etc., etc. (Mark 10:29:30).

So, dear Partners, do you have a need? Then help TBN reap this great harvest in these twilight hours just before Jesus returns, and watch Him fulfill His promise—your wages, your paycheck is coming! Praise the Lord!

Jan and I send our love and prayers, as always. As I am in India, she is in Haiti getting Joel Jeune’s hospital built! We are reaping—come on, join us!

We love you!

A great multitude attended a prayer service for India, just as they did two years ago. We prayed for PEACE and for Christian television in their nation. The evil one struck our fledgling TV effort in India, but now hundreds of Christian leaders have partn

What a joy to meet with Christian leaders in EGYPT, including Dr. Abdul Noor, pastor of Kasr El-Dobara Evangelical Church in Cairo. Virtually ALL of Egypt can watch TBN on satellite. The pastors shared many testimonies of those whose lives were touched wa

This is the picture we snapped in Jerusalem, at our bus driver’s apartment a couple of years ago. The beautiful TV picture comes in crystal clear on TV sets throughout the Middle East, Europe and Northern Africa. In fact, the whole world is virtually cove