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Another whole NETWORK you ask? YES! A thousand times, "YES!" For 29 years your TBN has been growing—from one little station in Southern California—to over 3,000 stations around the whole world! Last year, as digital TV began to take effect, we launched THE CHURCH CHANNEL to over 12 million homes and growing! Praise the Lord!

Now, we hear the cry of over 40 million precious Hispanics right here in America – yes, a mission field in our own backyard! For over 15 years, we have helped raise up a TV network for Latin America from Costa Rica. Our brothers, Jonas Gonzales, Senior and Junior, have labored diligently to bring Christian TV to Central and South America, even to Spain, LIVE VIA SATELLITE!

TBN-ENLACE now reaches into every country south of the border from San José, Costa Rica. ENLACE, in English, simply means "LINKS" or, in other words, links Latin America to all of us here at home. When the year 2000 census revealed that there were over 40 million Hispanics in America, we didn’t need a special visitation of God to move us to action. Common sense said it is time to "SE HABLA ESPAÑOL!"

So, to all of our brothers and sisters whose ethnic roots come from Latin America, PLEASE LISTEN UP! Many of you have asked for and, yes, pleaded for this new NETWORK. Now, it is ON THE WAY! We need you to do several things:

First of all, we need to identify the great Hispanic churches and ministries who are reaching the Spanish-speaking audience in America. Send me their names and church phone numbers and addresses. I am learning that many exist, even in the great northern cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, etc., as well as the great southern and border states. Let us hear primarily from ministries that are already producing good Spanish-speaking TV programs. Send this information to my personal and private post office box: Paul Crouch, P.O. Box C11949, Santa Ana, CA 92711.

Secondly, help us with the enormous start-up costs to launch a whole new TV network! The satellite costs will be at least $75,000 a month, plus all the new hardware and technical equipment, with staff to run it.

Thirdly, and most importantly, please pray and call on all Hispanics, and those who have a love for and burden for Latin America, to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! As we do, God will anoint and bless this new network to bring multitudes into the Kingdom! Praise the Lord! You do not have to be Hispanic to do all of the above. Come on, dear Partners from coast-to-coast, let’s help our dear Latin American brothers and sisters to launch this new offensive deep into enemy territory! As Reinhard Bonnke says, "Let's plunder Hell to populate Heaven!"

This new network will not affect in any way our work with Enlace in Costa Rica. We will, in fact, be picking up much of the programming coming from San José. TBN-Enlace has over 2,000 TV and cable stations all over Central and South America. And while TBN has furnished most of the equipment for transmitters and studios, the Christians of Latin America have been paying their own operating expenses, by and large, for the past ten years or more! How I wish I could say the same for our other mission fields.

So with TBN-Enlace sending much of the programming by satellite we will, then, insert some of the very best Spanish programming from the great churches and ministries in America, which is why we ask you to help put us in touch with these great ministries.

Ah, dear Partners, I told you several years ago that the day was coming when we could have many different networks to reach EVERYONE with the Good News! Praise God, that day has begun. As we move even deeper into the digital conversion age, we will have the technology to create even more kinds of great ministry networks. How about an all-youth network to counter MTV, an all-children’s network, an all-music network, an all-Bible school network, even other language networks – Praise God, WHY NOT!?! Dear Partners, we can do everything that God places in our hearts and minds TO DO! The only question is, "WILL WE ARISE AND DO IT?"

How satan rants and rages! These 29 years have been both heaven and hell! There are days when Jan and I would love to pass the baton to the next generation. The years have taken their toll – I’ll be 70 in a couple of years! But somehow the word, "As your days, so shall your strength be" (Deuteronomy 33:25), revives us afresh and together we go on. Yes, satan "is filled with fury, because knows that his time is short." (Revelation 12:12 NIV) But, thank God, "Greater is He" (1 John 4:4) that is in us!

To all our beloved Partners, I say, "Shall we do it?" We have taken the step of faith as we threw another "BIG SWITCH" last Praise-a-Thon®. Now we must hear from you – your letter, your gift will be your VOTE for this new giant step! In my heart, I KNOW you will respond.

God bless you. Jan and I do love you more and more as the finish line comes into view. Thank you for loving TBN and us these 29 years and counting! Come on, let's—


Our “Praise-a-Thon® choir” sang another chorus of “HALLELUJAH,” as we threw the BIG SWITCH for another great satellite. Millions of HISPANIC viewers, right here in America, will soon be able to watch 24-hour Christian TV in SPANISH via satellite!

The WORD is getting out because YOUR TBN is on SATELLITE virtually everywhere! BENNY HINN, Reinhard Bonnke and others are seeing vast, record number crowds attending their evangelistic meetings in the far corners of the globe. Because of SATELLITE, the WO

Our brother JONAS GONZALES, SR., along with his son, Jonas, Jr., has spearheaded our Latin American television outreach through the partnership of TBN-Enlace, which covers almost every Spanish-speaking nation in South and Central America and Spain. SOON,

ANOTHER “Macedonian Call” has come to us—this time all the way from ICELAND! Bob Higley (pictured far right), TBN’s Director of Satellite and Cable Services, joined me in welcoming ERIK ERIKSON, our TBN representative in Reykjavik, Iceland. Erik brought u

With joy and sorrow, I met with Israel’s Minister of Tourism. A year ago, none of us could have imagined the state of our world, nor the troubled times facing the Middle East, but JESUS certainly WARNED US! (Matthew 24 and Luke 21) Yet in the midst of the