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Merciful Father-how can it be? Three new angels in a single day! Yes, June 1, the day most of us receive this newsletter, God’s new "SERVANTS OF FIRE," will be beaming our three new networks to new affiliate stations across North America!

June 1 is a very special date for me. In a moment I will explain why more satellites were needed; but first, June 1. In my book, Hello World, I told the sad story of my dear father’s homegoing. I was just seven years old that fateful morning when mother awoke me and tearfully tried to gently break the news that "our daddy" was in heaven.

What was so amazing was the fact that for many weeks before his death, he would tell every visitor, "In June I will be well!" Dad had been incapacitated with a stroke a year or so earlier, so we all believed that we would see a miracle healing in June! As I recounted the story in my book, "Indeed he was well, as he entered his eternal reward on Sunday morning, June 1, 1941."

That was 62 years ago - on the one hand it seems like yesterday - on the other hand it seems like an eternity ago! How strange and elusive this dimension we call time!

So another "June 1" has come - this time with electrifying news! News we could not even have dreamed of those 62 years ago! I don’t think the word "SATELLITE" had even been invented - certainly not to be understood as a winged electronic wonder, hanging in orbit 22,300 miles above earth, beaming down the Gospel to a box called "television"! Indeed, "What hath God wrought!" This brings TBN’s worldwide satellite total to - say it with me - THIRTY-THREE! Praise God - let me hear a SHOUT that will register at least a 12 on the Richter scale!

So why, pray tell, the need for yet three more satellites? Well, mostly because we have launched three more NETWORKS! Many are watching our CHURCH CHANNEL as well as our old faithful TBN. But one of these new satellites will bring the Church Channel to thousands of new homes!

Next came ENLACE USA, our all Spanish network. Again, you have to get any new network up on satellite to deliver it to the Hispanic homes of North America. Actually, this is Enlace USA’s second satellite needed to give it even wider coverage. Because of stiff competition some cable stations will not carry certain satellites so - I won’t even try to explain any of this as I’m sure eyes are starting to glaze over! Even mine at times!

Finally, as I explained in an earlier letter, God gave me an awesome dream that it was time for our YOUTH NETWORK! WOW - our young Partners have and are arising to the challenge! We are on one satellite, but now for much the same reasons we need the second one. JC-TV is streaming into the Internet, it is on several low power TV stations, and is growing on more and more cable stations; but now this third new satellite will make it available to millions of new households! JC-TV is also available on Echostar, Dish II DBS satellite on "Educating Everyone" channel number 9413!

So, dear Partners, rejoice, rejoice - as of June 1, our three new networks will be up on OLYMPUSAT SATELLITE which will make them available to major cable systems like Time Warner, Charter, Cable One, and Adelphia.


While some cable systems will immediately carry some or all of our new networks, YOU may need to call, write or even visit your cable station to request the new TBN networks. One dear Partner actually baked a delicious apple pie - took it to the cable manager and got TBN carried! Go for it! God will give you both "witty inventions" (Prov. 3:12) and favor as you become volunteer TBN representatives to the cable stations of America!

Ah, dear Partners, the EXPLOSION of Christian TV continues not only here in America, but even greater around the world! Next month Jan and I go to CHINA! Pray, pray, pray! God will give us this great nation if we will pray and agree together in Jesus Name!

As we reported during Praise-a-Thon® last April, TBN’s worldwide total of stations was nearing 5,000! Praise the Lord! We were accessing 30 satellites - now it is 33! Hallelujah!

We also have over 200 new TV stations in some stage of building or development - HELP! Jan and I can hardly say grace over what we have now! Yes, help - with daily intercessory prayer! How satan rages! New threats are hurled almost daily. The police in Phoenix had to come because of a bomb threat. Thank God a man was caught and arrested! Ugly lies are told by the various media on all the body of Christ, but especially those of us in Christian TV! Why? We are DEVASTATINGthe kingdom of satan! Strongholds are coming down! The Middle East and Islam are opening up - just as God showed me on 9-11-01! Praise God

Yes, help by holding up our hands just as Aaron and Hur held up the hands of Moses! Be faithful with your Praise-a-Thon® pledges and love gifts large or small. We love you and need you NOW more than ever before. Let’s all become - "HIS MESSENGERS - HIS SERVANTS OF FIRE!"

THIRTY-THREE satellites and over 5,000 TV stations are beaming the Gospel to the nations. What, indeed, "hath God wrought"!

Yes, "The heavens declare the GLORY of God"!