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BEHOLD THE LORD HATH PROCLAIMED UNTO THE END OF THE WORLD…BEHOLD, THY SALVATION COMETH; BEHOLD, HIS REWARD IS WITH HIM, AND HIS WORK BEFORE HIM. GLORIOUS GOOD NEWS — JESUS IS COMING! Of course, you know this, but the Holy Spirit spoke a wonder to me, as I wrote this letter, that you MAY NOT KNOW! We'll get to that in a moment, but one reason I know Jesus is ON THE WAY is the absolute explosion of the growth and expansion of your TBN! We'll discuss this briefly, but another proof is the awesome personal attacks Jan and I have recently experienced. In late May, Jan was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent major surgery to remove the tumor. She is up, feeling better and even back to work, praise the Lord! But you can see that TBN's programming is damaging the kingdom of darkness, so we should not be surprised by this attack at the very heart of TBN!

So, hell is aroused and let me tell you why --

The New York, full power digital station should be ON THE AIR even as you receive this letter! The new transmitter is close enough to the "BIG APPLE" to request "MUST CARRY" to all the cable stations in greater New York City! WOW — this means over 10 million new souls can get the Good News — "BEHOLD THY SALVATION COMETH!"

As I write this letter, I am in Chicago and am meeting with several heads of the major MSO's, or major cable station owners. We hope to make a deal for carriage of ALL four of our TV networks: TBN, The Church Channel, JC-TV and Enlace USA, TBN's all-Spanish language network. Pray for total success as this would put all TBN networks in millions of new households!

Canton — Akron — Cleveland: REJOICE! Your new full power DTV station is ON THE AIR! This gives us cable carriage in Cleveland, the 17th largest market in America! And soon we will be broadcasting all four TBN networks on Channel 39 to the greater Cleveland, Ohio region. As more and more DTV receivers are purchased our TBN networks can be received through-the-air FREE with an antenna — some indoor and some outdoor depending on your location.

I personally purchased a new DTV receiver and one of our Los Angeles TV stations is broadcasting four different programs over its one TV station! We will do the same; in fact, that leads me to my next headline --

Miami, Houston, Atlanta, and San Antonio will soon be broadcasting in FULL POWER digital transmission! Actually, all of our TBN and affiliate stations are broadcasting digital in LOW POWER as required by the FCC, but soon we will all be required to broadcast in full power — that is when we will begin feeding all four of our TBN networks through-the-air FREE!

Check with your local TV electronics stores — new sets are still quite expensive, BUT — you can get a DTV TUNER, only much cheaper, and receive digital TV through your OLD REGULAR TV set! Check it out, the prices are coming down!

Yes, I know Jesus is coming soon because, "THIS GOSPEL IS BEING PREACHED" around the world! Jesus said when we get the job done — "THE END WILL COME" (Matt. 24:14).

Young people — REJOICE! JC-TV is growing at home and now abroad! You are ON THE AIR over the whole Pacific satellite and Globecast Australia is carrying JC-TV on direct-to-home DBS in Australia, New Zealand and many islands of the sea! Next we will expand to African and European satellites! Yes, the dream that God gave "this old man" is coming to pass — you young folks will have YOUR VOICE to all the world! Keep calling your local TV cable stations and say "WE WANT OUR JC-TV!"

Another great sign that the end is near — INDIA is exploding! We have sent 581 dishes and receivers to cable stations all around the nation; 200 more are being requested and we are sending them! Praise the Lord! India is now over one billion souls, the second largest nation of the world! But — there remains one last great stronghold: CHINA!

As I wrote last month, we were on our way to meet the major leaders of the largest nation in the world! As I write this letter in late June, I am making final preparations for this historic trip — pray as never before! For a while we were told that the SARS epidemic would force us to cancel or at least postpone our trip. However, in late June the news is good and WE ARE GOING! The only thing that could stop us is if the government or the WHO — World Health Organization — would close the door. We commit it all to our wonderful Lord and with Him — "all things are possible"!

Dear Partners, China is it — the last great region of the world that your TBN has not fully penetrated. We must GO in Jesus' Name!

Remember our opening Scripture? "THE LORD HATH PROCLAIMED UNTO THE END OF THE WORLD…." Yes, we read it and rejoice — "BEHOLD THY SALVATION COMETH…."! Those of us who know and love the Lord know this and have been "LOOKING UP" for some time knowing that our "REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH"!

But did you miss the next line?

"BEHOLD HIS REWARD IS WITH HIM"! I don't want to — "JUST MAKE IT IN," as the old hymn says — I want an abundant entrance with many sheaves to lay at HIS feet, don't you? I want to hear — "WELL DONE, GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT…ENTER THOU INTO THE JOY OF THY LORD" (Matt. 25:23)!

Well, you may have gotten all of that, but there is one last truth here —

"AND HIS WORK [IS] BEFORE HIM" (Isa. 62:11). That is YOU and ME! Are you WORKING through YOUR TBN? Are you holding Jan's and my hands up? Are you helping to keep over 5,000 stations and 33 satellites on the air? Jan is sick, I am attacked;

it seems at times that all hell is breaking loose on TBN! In many ways it really is!

First of all, THANK YOU for your outpouring of love to Jan during her painful trial — we love you and cherish your prayers, cards, letters, emails and financial support! Her Haiti hospital isn't finished, but it is being PAID FOR! Jan sends a million thanks and love overflowing!

Can we count on your continued support for this great Voice to all the world? I know we can!

Jan and I thank you and love you 30 years strong! Let's keep telling the world — "THY SALVATION COMETH"!


The Honorable Bill Frist, M.D., U.S. Senator from the State of Tennessee, and the new Senate Majority Leader, wrote Paul a wonderful letter (see below) endorsing TBN's efforts in China.