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WOW! WOW! WOW!   >>

WOW, INDEED! (By the way, “WOW” means “WALKING ON WATER” — and that is just about what we all did together this past awesome year of 2004!).

Merciful Father, where do I begin? I logged more international miles than any year in our 31 years of ministry! Last January we reported 5,804 TV stations fed by 36 satellites! This January that number has leaped to 6,525 fed by 47 satellites! Praise the Lord!

It started in January as Jan and I accompanied Benny Hinn to San Jose, Costa Rica. Fortythousand people jammed the largest soccer stadium, but sadly another 20,000 stood outside, so dear Benny held two crusades the next day and virtually everyone got in! The signs, wonders, and miracles were glorious as always, but if that meeting was awesome, we could not have dreamed what was about to break the very next month of February!

Bombay, India — WOW AGAIN! I had the joy and blessed privilege of standing before at least TWO MILLION souls — probably more because there were people standing as far back as the eye could see behind the huge field’s lighted area! Thanks again for dear Benny who brought this massive service to pass!

While in Bombay our TBN crew, led by brother Manickam Prakash, conducted a cable TV convention with over 1,000 owners and operators attending. At least 650 signed up to receive our free dish and receiver to put TBN ON THE AIR FREE, 24 hours a day! The Indian people are some of the sweetest and most hospitable in the world. They honored me with the largest flower wreath I have ever seen!

WOW AGAIN, as we see the spiritual hunger and the final harvest of souls pouring in around the world! Dear Benny led thousands to faith in Christ and the word was confirmed with signs and wonders!

Next, it was literally around the world with son, Mathew, as we scouted Morocco, Italy, and India for filming locations for the story of Esther based on Tommy Tenny’s book, ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING. Matt found the site for shooting the movie in Jodhpur, India, as I stayed in Bombay for the cable convention. The film is in full production as I write this letter and we hope it can be released in theaters on the Jewish feast of Purim. Pray for Matt and the crew, as satan has fought this with a camera truck fire and other weird and unusual problems!

Talk about WOW— the next month of March took our breath away — literally! “To Baghdad with Love” started in Jordan with a white knuckle flight on a small commuter plane that landed almost straight down, with our stomachs nearly on the ceiling or near the air sickness bag! But, oh the joy of meeting a group of precious pastors and praying with them for revival in Iraq! With Saddam Hussein gone, they told us that they now have the freedom to preach the Gospel everywhere, even outside their churches. A wonderful chaplain, Nabil Haj, made it possible to enter the “Green Zone” — U.S. Army headquarters — and we had lunch with the bravest men and women on the earth! We taped many interviews which I’m sure you have seen. But the highlight for me was when Matt cried, “STOP THE CAR!” He spied a merchant selling satellite dishes right on the main street of Baghdad! Against our security men’s orders, we jumped out of our armored car and actually bought a whole satellite dish and receiver for $110.00! I gave it to our dearchaplain in thanks for his kindness to us. I also got to deliver $10,000 to our chaplain friend with instruction to buy as many satellite dishes as possible for the pastors and others. Pastor Haitham Jazrawi of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Kirkuk sent me a picture of many of his congregation who had received the satellite receivers! Praise God, we are now getting some e-mails from Iraq! How’s that for WOW?!

In May it was back to Egypt for Jan and me. Once again I had the joy of speaking to nearly 250 pastors and leaders from all over Egypt. Revival is truly breaking out in Egypt as there is much more freedom to preach the Gospel and hold evangelistic services. While I was there I had the high honor of meeting Pope Shenouda III, thanks to our dear host and friend, Dr. Safwat El Baiady, who is president of the Protestant Churches of Egypt. The Pope pledged to assist with programming for — yes, ANOTHER NETWORK! Dear Benny is leading the way for an all Arabic language network that is scheduled to begin this month of Janaury! I’m sure my Grandma Crouch and my dear father and mother — missionaries to Egypt — cried “WOW” in heaven! I also was honored to meet the Roman Catholic Cardinal, Stephanos II, who also warmly greeted and received us! Yes, Egypt, here we come again!

Dear Partners, time and space do not permit me to tell of the 19 new TV stations that signed on the air in 2004 or the hundreds of new cable stations that signed on at home and abroad. How about TEN more satellites which now feed Spanish, Italian, some Farsi, some French, some Romanian, and now a full Arabic language network aimed at the Middle East and North Africa!

And, finally, to top it off here at home, God gave us another big, full power station covering Burlington, New Jersey and all of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! This fourth largest market in the U.S. covers nearly 10 MILLION NEW SOULS! WOW, indeed and praise the Lord!

Dearest Partners, Jesus said that when “this Gospel [is] preached in all the world…then shall the end come” (Matt. 24:14). Praise God Most High — we are almost there! As our theme Scripture declares, we are hearing awesome testimonies of Jesus actually appearing in dreams of the lost and in some cases actually appearing in person! We are hearing of a Moslem imam that had a visitation from Jesus and led his whole mosque’s congregation to faith in Jesus Christ! Talk about WOW! Dear Lord, I could write a thousand pages of the miracles of this last day harvest that is pouring in all over the world!

How can Jan and I ever thank you for your love, prayers and support to keep this great VOICE, YOUR TBN — GOD’S TBN, ON THE AIR?We cannot, but our dear Lord can and is blessing those who support this great harvesting Voice.

Please let us hear from you — we cannot do this alone, but together we can hasten the return of our precious Lord Jesus. Your letter or e-mail of encouragement and support mean everything to us! Jan is healed! I am 70, but still ready to give the devil trouble! Praise God —


Paul and Paul Jr. stand in front of TBN’s new FULL POWER TV station—WGTW CH. 48—which reaches nearly 10 million people in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware and beyond!

Paul was given a warm welcome during his visit to India.TBN now covers about one-third of this great nation by satellite and cable TV!