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Mike's Inspiration Station
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Praise The Lord - "TBN Classics"
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Grace with Max Lucado
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The Lad's T.V.
A group of three friends from New Zealand are trying to make their band 'The Lads' go big time. Follow their adventures and the life lessons they learn along the way in this tween comedy series that the whole family can enjoy.

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Lakewood Church Easter Celebration with Joel & Victoria Osteen
Join us for a time of worship, inspiration and encouragement from Minute Maid Park.

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Larnelle Live - In Concert
Larnelle Harris in concert with special guests Steve Green, Steve Amerson and Sandi Patty.

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Lassie is an American television "classic" series that follows the adventures of a female Rough Collie dog named Lassie and her companions, human and animal.

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The Last Brickmaker in America
Academy award winner SIDNEY POITIER delivers a heartwarming performance as a skilled craftsman fighting for quality and tradition in this critically praised feature.

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Last Flight Out
World Wide Pictures presents an intense story of international rescue and unresolved romance.

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Last Ounce of Courage
The son of a fallen soldier, years after his father's death, tries to reconnect with his grandfather, who is still grieving the loss of his child as they wrestle with understanding the supreme sacrifice he made fighting for their freedom.

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The Last Supper
The Lord’s Supper will take on deeper meaning as you absorb this program filmed and dramatized entirely at authentic locations of the Holy Land and the Middle East.

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The Last Supper: The Story of 13 Men of Courage
They followed the man called the Christ. Jesus of Nazareth, a carpenter, whose brilliance as a teacher and leader of men has been unmatched for centuries. Who were these twelve brave souls? Why were these men so special?

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Laugh with the Skit Guys
Tommy & Eddie are The Skit Guys, who use their talents in humor and acting to minister to the next generation.

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Laughter for All
Laughter for All seeks to encourage brothers and sisters in Christ and provide an outlet for them to laugh and be entertained without any vulgar jokes or dirty humor. It is pure fun that the entire family can enjoy!

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The Lazarus Phenomenon
The Lazarus Phenomenon examines two true life documented account of men from different parts of the world each having a real life experience with life after death.

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Leading The Way
Dr. Michael Youssef
Timely Biblical messages from Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef.

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League of Grateful Sons
What is the godly legacy of the fathers of World War II? Their story has not been told — until now!

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Leah Shafer: Story of My Life
Leah's personnel story is inspiring to women of all ages. Her venues include women's prisons, churches and Inspiration / Motivational Events. Jesus Christ is truly the story of Leah Shafer's Life.

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Lee Greenwood - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Seasonal programming featuring holiday classics.

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Left Behind Collection
Left Behind, Left Behind: Tribulation Force and Left Behind: Worlds at War.

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Left Behind II: Tribulation Force
It's a week after the rapture and the millions of people who disappeared into thin air are still missing.

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Left Behind III: World at War
It's been 18 event-filled months since Nicolae Carpathia rose to power---a treaty with Israel has been signed and the Tribulation Force is growing!

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Left Behind
In one chaotic moment, millions of people around the world suddenly disappear. God has planned as the first sign to begin the unraveling of the end of time.

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Left Behind: The End Begins - Behind the Scenes
A look of at what went into the making of Left Behind starring Nicolas Cage.

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Leon Fontaine: Spirit Contemporary
Leon Fontaine shares keys to connecting your day-to-day existence with God’s power. Your career, family, work, finances, and daily interactions can all experience the influence of supernatural power!

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Let Freedom Ring
Wear your RED, WHITE, and BLUE and be ready to celebrate with Denver and the Mile High Orchestra as they present “Let Freedom Ring” – a high energy, horn driven concert!

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Let The Sea Resound
A documentary that covers the astonishing revival that is currently sweeping through the nation of Fiji.

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Liberty University Convocation
Liberty University Convocation is North America's largest weekly gathering of Christian students, and each year it plays host to more than 80 guest speakers of national significance from every sphere of society.

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Life Today
James Robison
“Life Today” is hosted by James Robison and his wife, Betty. The daily half-hour program features guests who have emerged victorious from difficulties in their lives.

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Life Trek
Life Trek combines the awesome sport of mountain biking with the study of Hebrews 12.

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Life's Story 2
How much can animals change? Why do so many species depend upon one another to survive? Where does instinct and intelligence come from? And what do the designs of creatures alive today reveal about their history?

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Life's Story: The One That Hasn't Been Told
The evolution vs. creation debate has raged for more than 150 years. Now the debate is over!

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Lifestyle Magazine
Mike Tucker
Your host Mike Tucker brings new topics each week dealing with health, spiritual and moral issues.

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Like a Country Song
Jake Reeson, an up and coming country singer who has the whole world in his hands until his ego gets in the way.

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Lindell Cooley Special
Special TBN Programming - Message on Restoration.

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Live From HolyLand
Special TBN programming from the HolyLand Experience . . .

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Live with Passion
Fr. Cedric Pisegna
Fr. Cedric Pisegna is a Catholic priest. His program will inspire and encourage you to Live with Passion!

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Living Beyond Organic
Jordan Rubin
Join Jordan in his quest to transform the health of this world one life at a time--beginning with you!

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Living By Faith
Mike & DeeDee Freeman
Living By Faith" is the radio and television broadcasts taught by Dr. Freeman and is aired locally, nationally and worldwide.

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Living Proof with Beth Moore
Beth Moore
Living Proof Ministries is dedicated to encourage people to come to know and love Jesus Christ through the study of scripture.

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The Long Way Home
An escaped convict (David Carradine) befriends Ramey (Lance Kerwin), a thirteen year old and his father (Glenn Ford) a poor preacher and his family in the rural South during the 1930's.

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Longevity Secret: Is Noah's Ark The Key To Immortality?
According to the Bible, ancient people lived not just several decades, but several centuries. Could it be the secret to amazing longevity is about to be rediscovered? Might the quest to uncover the remains of an ancient wooden ship high atop Mount Ararat

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Lost Biblical Treasures: Has The Holy Grail Been Found?
The legendary Holy Grail, believed to be a relic of the Last Supper of Christ, has captured the world's imagination for centuries. The quest for this ancient artifact continues to this day.

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Louie Giglio: The Comeback
Louie Giglio shares his personal story of overcoming dark times and shows you how God is the source of your greatest comebacks.

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Love Begins
LOVE BEGINS is the prequel to “Love Comes Softly,” the first in a series of highly-rated “Loves” movies from Hallmark Channel. It is the story of Clark Davis falling in love with his first wife, Ellen.

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Love Comes Softly
An award-winning tale of inspiration based on Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly book series.

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Love Finds A Home
The "Love Series" continues with Belinda, a rare female doctor working in a quaint Missouri town.

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Love Takes Wing
Dr. Belinda Simpson arrives in the town of Sikeston as a physician only to find many people have become ill or have died from a mystery ailment.

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Love's Abiding Joy
A tragedy in the family puts an emotional wedge between Missie and Willie, as they continue their journey of faith and survival in the frontier.

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Love's Christmas Journey
still mourning the loss of her husband and daughter, recently widowed Ellie King visits her brother Aaron Davis, a sheriff in the small town of Haddonton, and his two children during the Christmas holiday.

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Love's Enduring Promise
In this Janette Oke sequel to "Love Comes Softly," the eldest child in an 1800’s frontier family, Missie Davis is a bright and beautiful elementary schoolteacher whose love for the prairie is matched only by her passion for books.

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Love's Long Journey
Missie's shocking discovery is not the end of the story in...Love's Long Journey.

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Love's Resounding Courage
Second prequel to the first in the series "Love Comes Softly," where Clark must endure the death of his wife to illness as well as take care of his daughter and suffering land.

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Love's Unending Legacy
Missie, now a single mother after the death of her husband, moves back in with her parents, Clark and Marty. She finds a new home and a new teaching position, but has lost all faith in herself, until a chance encounter at her father's church.

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Love's Unfolding Dreams
Belinda, a strong-minded woman, wants to be a doctor, but women with careers are frowned upon. After gaining acceptance by the local doctor she is soon forced to make a decision about leaving her new position when she meets a lawyer from New York.

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