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Saints & Soldiers
Based on a true story of heroism and sacrifice, SAINTS AND SOLDIERS was an acclaimed hit on the film festival circuit, winning over 10 best film awards around the country.

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Same River Twice
Kurt, Stan, Mikey, Skinner and Buck, spent their days battling dangerous rapids. It was the perfect summer, until a rafting accident claimed Buck's life.

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Samson & Delilah
Samson and Delilah is the powerful tale of a deception that brought down an empire... and sealed their names in eternity.

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Samson and Gideon
In the sword-and-sandal epic OLD TESTAMENT, bodybuilder/actor Brad Harris is Simon, the hero who comes to the aid of the exiled Maccabees, defending them against Syrian enemies.

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Samuel Rodriguez PTL
An inspiring message on how to turn the light on when things look dark in life.

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Samuel Rodriguez: Be Light
Samuel Rodriguez provides a blueprint for overcoming darkness and living in God's light.

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Sarah's Choice
When life becomes reality . . . With financial pressures mounting and her dream career at stake, what will Sarah choose?

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Saul and David
This beautifully filmed story of David's life with King Saul has all the power and sensitivity of the Biblical story.

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The Scarlet & the Black
The true story of Vatican efforts, lead by Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty, to save Allied POWs and downed Allied airmen from Nazi imprisonment.

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Scars That Heal
The true life story of Viet Nam veteran grenade survivor Dave Roever.

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Search For Heaven
Does Heaven really exist? If so, can it be proved? And what is it like? This program takes an in-depth look at these issues.

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Second Chances
In the spirit of Black Beauty A car accident leaves 10 year-old Sunny Mathews unable to walk without crutches.

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Jay Sekulow
Jay Sekulow speaks about the protection of religious freedoms in America.

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Seriously with Ashton Parsley
Seriously Smart. Seriously Funny. Seriously Relevant. Social commentary with a Christian point of view, hosted by Ashton Parsley.

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The Shoes of the Fisherman
After twenty years in a Siberian labor camp, Kiril Lakota, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Lvov, is set free. The Catholic Archbishop is released and sent to Rome, where the ailing Pope makes him a Cardinal.

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The Sights & Sounds of Christmas on Broadway with David Jeremiah
Enjoy inspiring music recorded at the Beacon Theatre in New York City featuring Casting Crowns, Charles Billingsley, TaRanda Greene, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers; plus a special Christmas message from Dr. David Jeremiah.

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The Signature Of GOD: with Grant Jeffrey
The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law. Dueteronomy 29:29

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SIX: The Mark Unleashed
In the days before Armageddon, a brutal dictator's only true ally is deceit. For the strong, freedom is a fond memory and defiance means death.

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Solomon & Sheba
Shortly before his death in ancient Israel King David has a vision from God telling him that his younger son Solomon should succeed him as king.

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Solomon's Temple
An extraordinary journey through the temple promised to David, fulfilled in Solomon.

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Defeating his older brother, Solomon is crowned King of Israel and rules the land with love, peace and respect but things change when Solomon lays eyes on the Queen of Sheba.

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Something to Sing About
SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT is a story about love, friendship and the struggle to change.

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The Song
A candid exploration of God’s plan for relationships, love and marriage.

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Sonic Flood - When Love First Cried
Modern Worship pioneers SONICFLOOd celebrate a decade of music ministry with their latest studio release, "When Love First Cried," which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Soul Mag TV
Soul Mag TV, primarily hosted by Christian rapper Urban D., highlights top artists, along with up and coming Christian hip-hop, R&B, and Spoken Word Artists.

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Source of the Secret
A better life really does lie within your grasp...but to find it, you must discover the Source.

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The Spirit Contemporary Life
Leon Fontaine
The Spirit Contemporary Life, incorporates the best of Leon Fontaine’s weekly teachings and explores the essence of Spirit Contemporary.

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Spirit Contemporary Living
Discover principles for applying faith practically in order to see God’s miracle power in the everyday situations of life.

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Spiritual Heritage of the US Capitol
Narrated by David Barton, this fascinating video takes you on a breathtaking tour through the U.S. Capitol. Discover the rich spiritual heritage that permeates this building erected more than 200 years ago

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St. John in Exile
Relive the events from Jesus Christ's life that changed the course of history as seen through the eyes of His most loyal apostle. This one-man stage show chronicles the imprisonment of John, the last living disciple of Jesus' twelve.

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St. Paul
The tumultuous days of the early church come alive in the movie, St. "Paul."

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Stand Ye Steady
Stand Ye Steady is a remarkable and rare collaboration featuring 16 songs that capture the commitment, selflessness and vitality of our Armed Forces through passionate performances of some of our country’s most cherished patriotic, inspirational and chora

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Startling Proofs
Prove It! It is the demand of every skeptic. Of course, making a decision to accept the Gospel of Christ is a matter of faith. But, as this shocking video shows, the evidence of a superior being is a matter of fact.

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Stephen's Test of Faith
Twelve-year-old Stephen is mocked and ridiculed for his faith. He travels through history meeting Jesus, Stephen the martyr, families about to enter the coliseum, William Tyndale, and others who dare to share their faith.

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Steven Furtick
Steven Furtick
The Elevation Experience with Pastor Steven Furtick: Inspirational messages from Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC.”

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Steven Furtick: Unqualified
Steven Furtick reveals insightful truths for living victorious, secure and defeating feelings of inadequacy.

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Still Standing
Still Standing traces the life of Stonewall Jackson — from his orphaned childhood, to the Sunday School class he taught for African Americans that has resulted in a lasting impact today, to the pivotal role he played as a General in the Civil War.

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Stop & Think
Viewers get to listen in to a causal conversation Pastor Francis Chan with the camera as he heads out for a great day of surfing. During the conversation Pastor Chan outlines Gods plan of salvation which includes an open invitation to whoever is willing t

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Story of David
The story of David is a legendary saga of a man after God's own heart

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The Story of Jacob and Joseph
The classic story of two brothers who turn against one another out of selfish greed.

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The Story of the Bible
A look at the Bible from a fresh perspective giving understanding of how God’s story intersects with your own personal story.

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The Storykeepers
Send your kids on thrilling adventures with the first-century Christian underground!

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The Stranger
A wise and compassionate ‘stranger’ interacts with people’s lives.

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Stronger with Clayton King
A teaching series based on Clayton King’s book Stronger; how hard times reveal God’s greatest power.

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Pastor Clayton King shares inspirational stories, interviews guests and answers questions from today’s youth on how to be stronger in your faith.

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The Supernatural Now
Apostle Guillermo Maldonado
Apostle Guillermo Maldonado is a man called to bring God’s supernatural power to this generation at the local and international levels. He is the founder of Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesus (King Jesus International Ministry).

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Supernatural Powers: The Batlle Between God and Evil
This insightful program carefully examines the metaphysical realm and answers challenging questions regarding whether or not angels really exist.

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