Our Gift to You: "I Am Number 8" by John Gray

Discover God’s magnificent plan for your life when you feel overlooked…

You may feel like God has overlooked you as you see others elevated to positions of prominence. Like David, the forgotten and unknown shepherd, there is a great destiny prepared for you. John Gray’s, I Am Number 8, will remind you that God has not forgotten about you and knows exactly where you are. Discover:

  • How God sends out His invitation to greatness
  • Why you don’t have to feel invisible another day
  • How God works to cultivate your gifts during your ‘hidden season’

For your gift: TBN wants to bless you with the new book, I Am Number 8, to encourage you when you feel like the underdog. You can trust God is working diligently behind-the-scenes to bring you to the place of honor He has planned for you.

When you support TBN’s ministry, we’ll send you I Am Number 8 as our “Thank You” for your willingness to help us send the message of hope and grace around the world through television. Please use the form to submit your donation. Your copy will be sent to you soon. Thank you!

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